How to transfer from economy to business class: conditions and promotions of different airlines

Upgrading on your next flight might be one of the first things on your wish list. Whether you want a little more legroom or a seat in first class, the upgrade can be tricky. Not only does it work differently for each airline, but there are several ways to upgrade. The edition told in more detail The points guy.

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To help you figure out how to upgrade to first class, or maybe just a better seat, here is a list of airline-specific upgrade guides:

These airline-specific guides give you plenty of comparison options. Even if a free upgrade is not possible for your flight, there may still be ways to get an inexpensive upgrade. So, here are some tips on how to get an upgrade.

Redeem miles

With many major airlines, you can redeem your miles for upgrades. But each airline handles such requests differently. Some, like American and United, charge extra for most upgrades. Meanwhile, Delta is offering an increase at a flat rate of around 1,07 cents per mile.

In some cases, the number of miles required for an upgrade is significantly less than the number of miles required to pay for an award flight. Redeeming miles for upgrades can be very beneficial if you only have a small balance of miles with an airline.

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Redeeming miles can also be a great way to redeem rewards such as Bilt Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Consider a free upgrade package

Once you dive into the world of low cost airlines, you will find that you can choose the best seats on them as part of your package purchase. Buying a package just for a seat with extra legroom is rarely a good idea. But if you were planning on taking luggage or wanted to get through on a priority basis, you may find that buying these items individually is more expensive than buying a whole set of add-ons.

The Frontier The Works package includes items such as carry-on and checked baggage and allows you to select any seat on the aircraft, including seats with extra legroom. Allegiant and Spirit offer similar kits though Spirit sells its unique large front seat separately. When choosing a carrier, think about the extras you can purchase and how this solution can help you get a cheap or free upgrade to a better seat.

Benefit from Elite Status

In the 1990s and 2000s, first-class domestic cabins on American, Delta, and United aircraft typically accommodated mostly elite status business travelers. In those days, that was how you could get a free upgrade on flights.

Over time, the airlines changed everything and decided to make money on those seats that they gave away for free. Today, first-class seats sell for far less than in decades past. Airlines now fill their first class seats mostly with customers who have booked a first class ticket.

However, there are still many opportunities for a free upgrade to first class. This is especially true if you fly on unpopular routes or fly off peak hours. You can also increase your chances by using services such as Expert Flyer (owned by TPG's parent company, Red Ventures).

There are many reasons why it might be better to have a top-tier elite status with one airline than a mid-tier status with multiple airlines. Promotion is one of these areas, and the promotion waiting list is organized by status level.

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Pay for the desired seat

Many business travelers are reluctant to admit that there is a new mantra in air travel: "Buy the seat you want." It's an acknowledgment that getting a free upgrade is harder than ever, and often someone else is willing to pay for a first class or row seat that you used to get for free.

К счастью, some credit cards offer annual travel credits that you can use to cut down on personal expenses. Chase Sapphire Reserve is a good example with a very easy to use travel credit of $300 per year. Credit card Capital One Venture X Rewards – another option with a $300 trip credit, but you must use the credit through travel portal Capital One.

If more comfort is important to you the next time you take to the air, be sure to research the issue before buying a ticket. All major US domestic airlines offer a wide range of upgrade procedures.

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