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How to relax without stress and save money: 10 tips

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  1. Book Sunday flights

If you have ever flown between October and January, then you know that ticket prices can be exorbitant. According to ABC News, booking Sunday flights can save a lot of money. Flights on Sunday are cheaper on the 71 dollar than on Monday. If you are flying a family of four, then this is almost 300 savings in dollars!

  1. Book night flight

Most people hate night flights, but they have several advantages. Firstly, the price is much lower, secondly, you do not spend valuable daytime on the flight, thirdly, the queues at airports are less, and fourthly, many people (including children) sleep on board.

  1. Delete cookies or use hidden browser to book flights

Many airlines and ticket sites track how often you visit their sites, and change their flight prices accordingly. To get the best price when booking a flight for holidays online, you need to clear your browser history, cache and cookies so that it looks like you are visiting this site for the first time. You can also log in from the browser in stealth mode!

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  1. Send gifts by courier (or at least do not wrap them):

If you are carrying gifts to many people, send them to the destination by courier mail. If you have an account on Amazon Prime, the delivery will be free, and if you pay with Chase Freedom card on Amazon, you will still be returned 5% to the card. If you are sure to bring gifts with you, do not wrap them: they will be opened at the airport anyway, so it is better to do it at the point of arrival.

  1. Get a flu shot

Planes are teeming with bacilli, and no one wants to be sick at the holidays. Get yourself a flu shot before you travel - and you’ll have less to worry about.

  1. Use the airlines app to check in and get a boarding pass

If you are not checking in for a flight online, you are late for at least 10 years. Online registration is much easier! It helps to avoid queues, and this is a minus another reason for stress. In addition, most airlines have already developed their own applications. For example, if you fly with United Airlines, you can register through their app and immediately get a boarding ticket. In the Unitedapp application, you can also save boarding for several people at the same time - this means that all the documents of your family are at hand in one place.

  1. Bring Alcohol

Flights are tiring, so it is not surprising that people want to relax on the plane. Instead of buying cocktails on board, you can take along the tinctures allowed by the US Transportation Security Administration, and thus save money.

  1. Dress accordingly

Airplanes are cold and uncomfortable, and you should be prepared for this. We suggest you wear clothes in several layers to take off depending on the temperature. A warm hoodie will also replace your comfortable pillow.

  1. Roll up clothes and don't fold

This is an old military method, and it works! Rolling out clothes saves space for gifts that you’ll take home with you, or for an extra pair of shoes, without which you can’t go.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Take an empty bottle to the airport and fill it with water after passing the control. Filter bottles are a great thing! And saves you money on buying bottled water.

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