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Private schools in the USA: how to give a child to study if you are not a resident

Secondary education in the United States can be obtained both in public and private schools. It is rather difficult for foreign students to get into a public school due to lack of citizenship or permanent resident status of the country. But the doors of private schools for foreigners are open.

Among private educational institutions that provide secondary education, the so-called boarding schools - boarding schools, writes edition Self made trip.

Firstly, the level of education in boarding schools is much higher than in regular, even private, not to mention public. Usually, graduates of such schools are more likely to be admitted to leading universities of the country - often the program of study here is aimed at preparing students for admission to specific universities. Secondly, the students of the boarding schools do not have a question with the search and payment for housing. It is convenient for the Americans themselves, sending their children to study away from home, and even more so for foreigners. By the way, foreign students make up 15% of all students in American boarding schools.

School selection

USA offers students and their parents a huge selection boarding schools, different directions and training programs.

In addition to the boarding houses, traditionally separate for boys and girls, there are also schools with a bias for basic military training (military boarding schools), therapy and psychological assistance for difficult adolescents or for children with certain diseases (therapeutic boarding schools), on specific sciences and fields of knowledge (boarding schools of Finish Arts, Math and Science).

In addition, there are schools that can accept and train adolescents of a certain age group, for example, only from the 7 class or from the 10 to the 12 classes, and so on. There are, of course, those in which children can complete the entire secondary school curriculum, that is, from 1 to 12 class.

In addition to the profile, an important issue in choosing the appropriate boarding school is its location. In educational institutions located in major cities or close to them, the number of available places may be limited. Yes, and tuition and living here will be higher.

It is also worth paying attention to other indicators: the average score of graduates in the test SAT, the total number of students, the percentage of students who are admitted to school from among those who have submitted documents, the cost of education and other services. All these factors make up the school's rating - the higher it is, the more prestigious it is considered. boarding school.

It is necessary to find out in advance whether the chosen boarding school is accredited by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and has the right to accept foreign students.

University Application

Preparing for admission to one of the boarding schools is best to start in advance, about 1,5-2 a year before the expected start of training. During this time, it is important not only to choose a suitable educational institution, but also to prepare for admission and further studies.

The process of submitting documents to school is in many ways similar to the procedure for admission to an American university. And, like any other educational institution, each school has its own deadlineafter which applications from applicants are not accepted.

First of all, you need to apply for admission to school - application here. This form can be found on the school website, fill out and send it to the administration of the institution online through the school website. This is followed by the preparation of documents from the current school in the home country. The first is the transcripts, the list of subjects being studied, their detailed description, the number of hours for each of them for all the classes studied.

The second is letters of recommendation from teachers. This may be a letter from the class teacher and principal or head teacher of a school, or from a teacher of discipline, the study of which will be emphasized in the future boarding school. For example, if a student enters school with a mathematical or natural science bias (boarding schools of Math and Science), letters of recommendation can be written by teachers of these subjects. All these documents must be drawn up on the official letterhead of the school with the seal and signatures of authorized persons.

Important documents for admission are essays - Parent's Statement for parents и Candidate's Statement for the applicant. В Parent's Statement The student's parents must answer the questions offered by the school in writing, stating their thoughts, motivation, and the reasons why they want their child to attend this particular school. AT Candidate's Statement The school is waiting for answers to certain questions from the students themselves.

Which questions the candidate will have to answer depends on the school. Sometimes it can be general questions that affect, for example, the student’s interests and hobbies, and sometimes these are suggested topics for an essay. In this case, it is enough to choose one of them for work.

To enter the school, a foreign student will have to demonstrate their level of knowledge of the English language sufficient for living and studying in the United States. This is usually a TOEFL exam certificate. with a high score. Applicant for admission will also have to go SSAT - Secondary Student Admission Test - one of the standardized tests designed for high school students.


Education in private boarding schools is very expensive. Of course, the amount will vary, but, in general, it is comparable to tuition fees at an American university.

В tuition fee includes not only tuition fees, but also the cost of accommodation, food, educational materials and other services provided by the school.

Despite this, the series boarding schools annually provides meritbased и needbased scholarships available, including, to foreign students.

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