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How Olga Galkina from Perm created many problems for Trump

Olga Galkina, a PR specialist from Perm, was the main source of information for the dossier on Donald Trump's ties with Russia, which was prepared by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) writes about it. The name of Galkina was confirmed to the publication by a former senior American official who worked in the field of national security, reports "Jellyfish".

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According to WSJ sources, in the summer of 2016, her friend Igor Danchenko contacted Galkina. He worked for Christopher Steele and was tasked with checking information on Trump's ties to Russia. Danchenko and Galkina studied at the same school in Perm and have maintained friendly relations since then. When Danchenko approached Galkina, she was working in Cyprus for the XBT Holding group of companies (best known for hosting provider Webzilla), which is owned by Russian entrepreneur Alexei Gubarev.

Galkina told Danchenko that Webzilla played a central role in hacking into the servers of the US Democratic Party and that Gubarev was recruited by Russian intelligence agencies to carry out the attack. Galkina became a source of information that Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen met with mediators from Moscow in Prague ahead of the 2016 US presidential elections and discussed issues related to hacker attacks, WSJ interlocutors said.

They noted that at the time of communication with Danchenko, Galkina had a conflict with XBT Holding. In August 2016, after less than 10 months of work, they decided to fire Galkina. In the fall, her boss contacted the police, saying that she was often late for work and sometimes came drunk. In addition, according to the manager, Galkina's acquaintance extorted 10 thousand euros from him as compensation for his dismissal. The police report was not official, so he was not given a move, an unnamed Cypriot official told the WSJ. Galkina was fired in November 2016.

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The identity of Igor Danchenko was revealed in the summer of 2020 after the Trump administration declassified a report of his conversation with the FBI three years ago. Then Danchenko admitted that he was collecting information for the dossier on Trump and turned to his acquaintances from Russia. Information on many issues was provided by his school friend, who became the main source of information for the dossier, Danchenko said. The FBI report does not name this friend (it ranks as "Source-3"), but a former senior US national security official told the WSJ that it was Galkina.

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Danchenko told the FBI that Steele gave him four or five names from Trump's entourage for verification. Danchenko showed them to Galkina, and she recognized Cohen almost immediately. At first, her information was sketchy, but in mid-October she said that Cohen had met with representatives of the Kremlin in a European country.

In December, after being fired from XBT Holding, she announced new details of Cohen's meeting and Gubarev's connection to the hacking of the Democratic Party's servers. At the same time, judging by Steele's dossier, Galkina announced that another “hacker” named Seva Kaptsugovich was involved in cyber attacks on the Democrats. The same is the name of a former school teacher from Perm, who was called the "king of pornography" in the local media. In 2004, Kaptsugovich received a sentence for distributing child pornography, and in 2013 - for sexual abuse of children.

Danchenko told the FBI that he has known Galkina since the eighth grade and more than once provided her with financial assistance. And he added that she worked in both the public and private sectors of Russia; she also knows people with ties to the Kremlin. In a commentary to WSJ, Danchenko said he would not confirm or deny information regarding his sources.

“I have long-standing relationships with most of my sources ... and I have no reason to believe that any of them fabricated the information given to me,” he said. Galkina did not answer WSJ's questions.

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According to Galkina's resume, which was found by The Bell journalists, in the mid-2000s she worked as a parliamentary correspondent for RIA Novosti, then as head of the press service of the governor of the Saratov region and vice-mayor of Saratov, project manager at the PR agency KROS, press secretary of Rostekhnadzor. and after that - in the department of Internet projects of the newspaper "Gazeta". An acquaintance of Galkina's told The Bell that she also worked in the press service of the Moscow construction complex, but this information is not in her resume.

Alexey Gubarev and Michael Cohen denied information from Christopher Steele's dossier (Gubarev sued BuzzFeed, which published the dossier, but lost, after which he filed a lawsuit against Steele personally). Donald Trump has described Steele's dossier as part of a broader campaign to destroy his reputation through rumors of ties to Russia. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who investigated Russia's interference in the 2016 US presidential election, concluded that Moscow did try to help Trump, but did so without consulting himself or his teammates. Declassified FBI materials indicate that Steele's sources did not inspire confidence in the department.

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