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Avoiding Amazon Scammers: 13 Tips

Not all Amazon sellers are trustworthy buyers. Edition Reader's Digest has compiled a list of necessary steps to protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers.

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Beware of shadow sellers on Amazon

Amazon has been around for more than two decades, and as we all know, it has become the largest online retailer. But a recent Amazon site study showed that what you see is not always realistic to get.

Not all Amazon sellers are conscientious, and not all purchased products are as described, they may be completely dangerous and prohibited.

The study showed that more than half of the products do not match the declared description or quality.

Start with Seller Ratings

People who deal with the seller often want to share their experiences, especially if the experience is very positive or very negative. This is why you should look at seller reviews before purchasing a product. “If he has had a positive result of less than 30% in the last 90 days, find another one,” said Josh Kreutzer, CEO of Channel Bakers, Amazon’s first advertising agency.

Pay attention to the product page

“Trademark name-nonsense is a typical feature of large Chinese trading companies,” said Rachel Johnson Greer, founder and chief consultant at Cascadia Seller Solutions, an e-commerce marketing agency focused on brand growth through the Amazon channel.

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“Stywvoe is a collection of letters specifically designed to get a trademark through the USPTO because Amazon requires brands to be legally registered.” All this indicates that the company sells fraudulent or substandard products outside the United States.

Check image quality

When viewing the contents of a page, also pay attention to the quality of the photos. “A good seller will have access to the products he sells, so he should have a lot of high-quality images,” said Jared Scott, Amazon expert at Effective Spend. To analyze the quality of the photos the seller uses, Scott advises moving the mouse cursor over the image and see if it can be enlarged. “High-resolution images allow you to evaluate the quality of the product yourself,” he explains. “Amazon sellers who use one low-resolution image for their products are likely to use illegal photos and low-quality products.”

Read reviews

Sounds simple enough, right? But when people are enthusiastic about the product or already know that they want to buy it, they can not worry about this step. This is a mistake, because the product reviews section can tell you a lot, especially when it comes to inexperienced sellers. Too few reviews may indicate a recently released product or seller who has not managed to build a reputation on Amazon. Bad reviews are a sure sign of staying away from this seller. “By reading reviews from other customers, you can get a sense of the seller,” says Kreutzer. “For example, if several people claim that they have not received the goods, this will be a sign that the seller may be unreliable.”

Check the date of writing reviews

Good reviews do not necessarily mean that you have found a good seller. If almost all positive reviews about a product appear within a few days or a week in a row, this may be a sign that the product is arriving in batches. These reviews relate to the quality of the consignment.

Make sure the reviews match the actual product.

Make sure that the product that is mentioned in the reviews is the same product that you buy. “Stores can change the products they sell, but keep the same page,” explains Heather Lovett, director of public relations at Deal News. “Maybe they sold a bunch of pencils on the cheap and got a bunch of five-star reviews, but then they changed the product to a plastic helicopter that breaks when it is first used.” Most reviewers leave their feedback on the quality of the product, so a quick look will be enough to assess the situation.

Check reviews for authenticity

Watch out for fake reviews. “Amazon's review system is easy to fool with fake, artificial, and manageable reviews,” said Derek Hales, editor-in-chief of Modern Castle. Signs of fake recall may be those that use only one or two words, such as “Fantastic!” Or “Great product!”. You can also click on the reviewer's profile to see what the history of his reviews looks like.

Keep track of whether the seller is an intermediary or manufacturer

“Whenever possible, buy the product directly from the brand or manufacturer of the product, and not from a casual seller,” advises Lauren Richter, founder and CEO of BlueBiology. “Otherwise, you risk buying counterfeit products or products not covered by the warranty.”

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Pay attention to the delivery time.

Most Amazon Prime members are used to the fact that purchased items ship within a day or two. But from time to time there are sellers who do not perform such delivery. “There are often sellers with delivery times of three to four weeks,” explains Susan Harris, owner of Rooted Mama Health. - This is incredibly long and usually means that the seller sends the goods directly from a warehouse in China. This is a common practice, but, as a rule, the products there are not very high quality. "

Please note if the product or seller has Amazon approval

“When it comes to regular marketplaces like Amazon, look for sellers who have a seal of approval,” says Brandon Kovach, founder of Kovach Companies Inc. “If the seller offers Prime or one-day delivery, then you know that this is a recognized partner in the market, and they have passed the test.” By checking reviews and working with trusted Amazon sellers, you minimize the risk of fraud.

Check answers to frequently asked questions.

Typically, these questions and answers can be found above the reviews section. Look for a large number of asked questions and useful answers from both satisfied customers and sellers themselves. If there are a lot of positive reviews, but only one question was asked about the product, then this is at least suspicious.

Be careful if the seller overprices and then makes a discount

Overpriced list prices are another thing worth paying attention to. If something like a plastic wastebasket has a list price of 5000 dollars and its price is reduced to 10 dollars, then there is a chance that the seller is trying to make his product more attractive by making such a high discount. However, price reductions are not always a sign of fraud. For example, older models of products are sometimes sold at a discount when new models appear.

When in doubt, buy from someone else

If you feel you might be tricked, there are a number of browser extensions that let you know more about the seller, product, and reviews.

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ReconBob - Provides seller sales history.

Keepa - checks the prices of goods and determines whether this purchase is profitable, as well as whether the seller had unusual jumps in prices and discounts.

ReviewMeta and FakeSpot authenticate customer reviews.

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