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Life first: how to emigrate and succeed

To remain out of work, to lose oneself, not to find a job in one's specialty - one could go on and on about the pitfalls that we stumble over in immigration. Those who come with everything ready or immediately continue in America the work started in their homeland are only a few. One of the reasons is that you need to get an education again, confirm your diploma, or even completely retrain. But you also need to arrange your daily life, find a school and activities for your children, buy a car, and arrange insurance.

A typical case: I gave up and went to the store

“I gave up on everything and got a job in a store,” says Nadezhda Balchute. She is just a classic example of an immigrant who, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, completely forgot about her plans and dreams. Having received her medical education in Lithuania, Nadezhda worked in her homeland for several years, from there, like many colleagues, she left to work as a nurse in Germany. And then the family won a green card. Nadezhda was sure that she would quickly find a job in her specialty - people are always needed in medicine. But it turned out that neither a European diploma nor work experience without local, American education is valued. “I was afraid to learn again without fluent English, so I went somewhere simpler,” admits Nadezhda. And she is not the only one who can make such a confession.

Photos from personal archive

Nadezhda admits that she is a classic example of an immigrant who, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, has completely forgotten about her plans and dreams. Photo from personal archive

Former doctor Nadezhda is not alone in this situation. Igor and Galina Turkov have been in America for 20 years. “When we first arrived in the USA, we had to find out everything ourselves; we didn’t hope for help,” recalls Igor. — You had to buy a work permit, we borrowed $200 to pay for it and get a job in a pizzeria. Although Galya is a history teacher, and I was a doctor, I had to give up my profession in order to feed my family.”

It's an amazing thing: for more than a decade medical workers have been in the top sought-after specialists in the United States, and those who can join their ranks, so easily refuse to work.

Why is this happening? The language barrier, the fear of long and difficult learning and the need to “wade through” American textbooks, which are written heavily and are very expensive.

There are options: how the doctor does not put a cross on himself

Tatyana Glinskaya went through all this in her homeland - she was a doctor in Ukraine and here in America she decided not to leave her profession. “I entered the Concord Rusam School of Medical Professions in New York,” says Tatyana. — I followed in the footsteps of my husband, he is also a doctor. I saw how easy it was for him to study, and I thought it was affordable. It was important for me that many of the school’s teachers spoke Russian. It helps when you master difficult material. Moreover, all teaching materials were created by the teachers themselves in an accessible form. If we talk about the result, I will only say that both my husband and I found work within a few months of receiving our diplomas.”


“Here I received both a theoretical course and the opportunity to practice practical skills,” says Irina. Photo

Irina Nezhina came to the United States with a nursing diploma received in Belarus. To work in her specialty in America, she needed to obtain a Register Nurse license. “This is a very difficult process, you need to develop a diploma, fill out a large number of documents, pass an exam,” says Irina. — All the preparation could have taken a couple of years, but I learned about the Concord Rusam school of medical professions and their 5-month training program. Here I received both a theoretical course and the opportunity to develop practical skills. When I entered, of course, there was a fear that I wouldn’t cope. But I learned that the school has very good statistics regarding graduates - 90-95% pass the exam the first time. During 5 months of study, we worked through the exam papers, and I am satisfied with the result: I received a Register Nurse license.”

An important caveat: access to materials and courses is now online, and in order to become a student of the Concord Rusam school of medical professions, it is not necessary to live in New York.

“I found a job after 2 months,” shares Irina. “The school organizes internships during my studies, and when I was interviewing for a job, this helped me a lot.”

Gregory came to the USA with the dream of conquering Silicon Valley. It just turned out that beautiful stories about startups that bring in millions are not about every programmer. He got up from the computer and sat behind the wheel of the truck. “The work was profitable, but hard,” says Grigory. — I worked as a truck driver for 2 years, and then at a family council we decided that we needed to look for another profession. I shared my problem with a friend and received unexpected advice - go to medical school and study to become a nursing specialist.”

At first, Gregory wanted to refuse, because getting a medical specialty for a long time, but I learned that I can learn a little more for a patient care professional (Patient Care Technician) than in the 3 month.


At the New York School of Medical Professions Concord Rusam for the 3,5 of the month, you can master the specialty Patient Care Technician, having immediately received the 3 specialty. Photo

At the New York School of Medical Professions Concord Rusam for 3,5 a month, you can master the specialty Patient Care Technician by receiving immediately 3 specialties: a specialist in blood sampling from a vein, an expert in electrocardiogram removal and a nurse's assistant.

“I already see prospects for growth,” explains Gregory. “Having received a Patient Care Technician diploma, I can study further and become a Register Nurse, that is, a nurse.”

And he’s right: making a career in medicine and getting a diploma in a short time is quite possible. Even if you have no experience behind you. And if a forgotten diploma of medical education in your homeland is gathering dust on a shelf, then you certainly shouldn’t lose yourself. After all, your return to the profession is not only to “save” yourself, but also to save someone’s life.

For those who are interested in mastering medical specialty as soon as possible, contact the school of medical professions Concord Rusam: website:, phone: (212) 619-2260

Tuning in Russian: Former Kostroma in the USA makes cars for presidents

Former Kostromich Eduard Orlov for several years turned his workshop in Miami into a premium-class tuning studio with customers around the world. Orlov and his team make expensive off-road vehicles from serial pickups, which have almost nothing in common with the original version. In Kostroma, in 90, he had a successful alcoholic beverage business. Having won the green card, the Orlov spouses in 1999 first came just to look around and take a walk for a couple of months in New York, but they remained in Brooklyn.

Edward tells ForumDailythat always dreamed of going to America. However, here he had to build his life anew, and soon after his arrival he got a job working as a truck driver.

“At first I didn’t really know what to do, because I had no relatives, no friends, no language, no knowledge of anything. Having received his license, he began working as a truck driver,” says Eduard. — I traveled around the country for about a year, at the same time looking at what I could do. I really liked everything I saw, because there was nothing like it in Russia. Besides Alaska, I’ve probably traveled to all the states.”

In 2001, Edward bought a pickup, a one-year-old Ford, reworked it and somewhere in half a year took it to Russia.

“I cleared the car through customs, and my friends immediately asked me to sell it - it was very unusual. At first I didn’t want to sell, but when they offered me 50 thousand dollars above its value, I still gave it. It was good money - exactly as much as a truck driver in the USA earns in a year without getting out from behind the wheel,” admits Eduard.

Returning to the United States, he bought three more cars, began to finish them and send them to Russia. In addition, Orlov was engaged in selling home and to various countries of various boats, including boats and yachts.

By that time, in 2003, Edward Orlov had already moved from New York to Miami, Florida. And in 2009, he got the idea to create his own company. Edward patented the brand Devolro [Ed Orlov - on the contrary] and began to look for manufacturers who could make components for cars under this brand.

Eduard Orlov opened a tuning studio in Miami, in which he makes an all-terrain vehicle, filled with numerous options, out of traditional pickups. Photo: Rafael Apriam

Eduard Orlov opened a tuning studio in Miami, in which he makes an all-terrain vehicle, filled with numerous options, out of traditional pickups. Photo: Rafael Apriam

Each car goes from 2 to 4 months, depending on the complexity of the configuration. To test their cars, Edward Orlov sends them on an expedition to Russia and the former Soviet Union. Most of the expeditions are carried out at the expense of the company itself, and in some cases Devolro simply provides the organizers with a car. In the USA, according to Orlov, it is extremely difficult to test a car - too good roads.

According to Eduard Orlov, Devolro cars are in the garage of the leaders of 15 states of the world. However, the owner of the tuning studio categorically refuses to call them. In addition, special units of different countries and security companies use the Devolro SUVs.

The lady with the dog: how ex-Kharkiv wore dogs of all Hollywood stars

Among her clients are Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Sting, Torrey Spelling. Former Kharkiv woman Yana Syrkin sews and sells luxury clothes for dogs. One item of clothing from her boutique in downtown West Hollywood costs an average of three to four hundred dollars.

Prior to creating her own business, Yana worked for fifteen years as a production designer at Hollywood film studios and dressed stars for the Oscar ceremony.


Yana Syrkin with her dogs Twiggy and Lupita. Photo by Julia Bunyak

Yana Syrkin with her dogs Twiggy and Lupita. Photo by Julia Bunyak

The doors of Yana Syrkin's “Fifi & Romeo” boutique are closed for casual passers-by. You can get inside only by prior arrangement. This is how the owner of the store protects her rich and famous customers from the intrusive attention of onlookers and paparazzi.

“Although some celebrities, on the contrary, like to arrange photo shoots out of their visits. Once Christina Aguilera came, and a dozen and a half photographers gathered near the store,” laughs Yana Syrkin.

Yana Syrkin was the first to start sewing clothes for small dogs. Hollywood stars, with whom she worked for a decade and a half, turned Yana’s hobby into a fashion trend. Her Fifi&Romeo, opened in 2000, became the world's first luxury boutique for dogs. And after Oprah Winfrey invited Yana to her show and told all of America about the new brand, everyone fell in love with dog clothes. “Have you seen anything cuter?” Oprah asked her viewers during the show, holding in her hands one of the dog sweaters sewn by Yana.

How to become a millionaire: being a cleaner is also a start

The family flew to the states already poor, since almost all the funds went to visas and relocation. Victor was out of work only the first 3 days after his arrival. Then he got a job as a cleaner and at the same time took up any job that was offered to him: it was necessary to paint - he painted, he needed help at the construction site - he helped.

A businessman recalls that he first perfectly learned Polish, because employers were Polish. It was only after 2 that I started speaking English quite well. I learned the language myself: I read a lot and watched local television. “Then I organized my cleaning service, cleaned the houses of rich people, and then moved on to logistics - and this is the last 7 years I have been doing this: this is the post office, containers, and big freight,” he says.

Victor Palamarchuk. Photo: from the personal archive

Victor Palamarchuk. Photo: from the personal archive

His working day starts at six in the morning: Victor Palamarchuk he opens his warehouse in the city of Delaware, greets each of the workers and begins to lead. He does not have a personal account with a “director” sign on the door, a large table or a leather chair. He says that his workplace is the entire warehouse: “I work with everyone: I have to ship the parcels — I ship, I have to go somewhere — I am going, I need help with something in the warehouse — I am helping”.

A simple “work and earn” scheme enabled Viktor to make a million dollars profit in 4 a year after the founding of the company for the transportation of goods and parcels Ukraine express.

He started with 3 people in the state and the direction of the USA-Ukraine, now works with the whole world and sends a million tons of cargo to 3-4 a year. In addition to offices in the United States, the company already has offices in Poland, the United Kingdom, and Italy, and a branch in Germany is opening soon.

Viktor was not accustomed to the status of a millionaire, he says he lives in the same house as 10 years ago, still works a lot and would return to Ukraine if it were possible to develop an honest business there.

The woman at the stove: how to do business

Sweet business Han Rosa has been around for about two years and brings a steady income. She came to her cake making business quite by accident. Rosa was experiencing a difficult process of adaptation in the United States. In Russia and China, she was snapped up, was considered an employee with great potential, had several university degrees, fluent in three languages, including English, had high wages, and when she found herself in America, she lost everything.

In order to somehow get distracted, she went to work at Macy's, then got a realtor's license. On the first birthday of her son Rosa, who had never baked in her life, she decided to make a beautiful and delicious cake.

“When the mother-in-law heard about my venture, she declared that I would never be able to make such a cake myself. It was a challenge! The desire to create something special for my son and prove to my mother-in-law that I can do it, did my job, ”recalls Rosa, laughing.


Rosa Han and one of her cakes. Photos from the personal archive

Rosa Han and one of her cakes. Photos from the personal archive

At first, she made cakes only for relatives and friends, but when friends of friends began to contact her, her husband helped put the case on the rails. At the time of opening the business, Rosa had a two-year-old son and a newborn daughter. There was no time to go to classes at all, so she studied cooking at night. As, however, and cooked cakes.

Now she has regular customers, she chooses the most interesting and large orders herself and does not undertake to make more than two cakes a week.

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