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How our immigrants found a simple but not entirely legal way to stay in the USA

Кas our immigrants came up with a very interesting and simple, although not entirely legal, way to come to work in the USA and stay there, the blog says “All about America. Relocation to the USA for permanent residence ”on“ Yandex.Zen ”.

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Next - from the first person.

It is very important to become a victim of the following situation: you work, but you are not paid wages, or is greatly delayed. To do this, you need to go to the States under the Work and Travel program and try to crank out such a fraud.

There are certain requirements for those who can use this program:

  • age from 17 to 24 years;
  • need to be a student;
  • know the language at the intermediate level.

Typically, such a work trip lasts about 4,5 months and takes all of the students' summer holidays and part of the school year (from 15 May to 30 September), but the period of stay abroad can be independently adjusted before the trip.

The cost of participation in the Work and Travel program is on average 1000 dollars.

On the subject: Where does the money that volunteers donate to immigrant protection organizations go?

If you work, for example, as a housekeeper in a hotel, and you and your colleagues are not paid salaries, then you can file a class action lawsuit. The court, of course, will be at your defense, in the future you will be able to count on help from the state in finding a job, on additional time spent in the country, and later on on receiving a green card.

The plus is that the initial costs of such fraud are not very large, and you also do not need to perfectly know the language. They will give you work quickly, and they will also pay money, and you must provide housing. In many cases, two meals a day too. The main thing is to find the right company.

The downside is that there are not many companies that want to break the law in order to save money and not pay salaries, because as a rule, this results in even greater costs in the future, and, moreover, can lead to loss of license.

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