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How to find cheap flights and significantly save on flights

One of the latest flight alert programs to hit the market is the Dollar Flight Club: what you need to know before you check in. Jenonajetplane.

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It is very convenient to receive alerts about flights, discounts and low prices for flights.

How does Dollar Flight Club work?

Dollar Flight Club uses a subscription model where you pay a one-time annual fee to receive flight alerts in your inbox.

These alerts are alerts that are triggered whenever there is a flash sale, a bargain, or competition between airlines causing price cuts.

What people love about Dollar Flight Club is their user interface.

They have a members only area which is password protected but contains all current active deals.

This means that even if you miss the notification in your inbox, you will still have a hub of sorts to visit and see all the available offers in one place.

What offers can you expect?

There are many offers across Europe and the Caribbean, ranging from $250 to $400 round trip.

A standard notice will include the offer price, discount, availability dates, participating airlines, and whether the deal is time-sensitive (hint - most of them).

They also have something called Weekend Warrior Domestic Getaways where they send you weekly flight deals. You can leave on Thursday/Friday and return on Sunday/Monday.

Is Dollar Flight Club legal?

Offers posted on Dollar Flight Club are legal, however, many comments and feedback have been received on the company's billing practices.

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Shared by Dollar Flight Club, these deals are available for a variety of reasons, from budget airlines to erroneous fares. It is important to catch them last and take advantage of any unrealistic prices.

A good flight alert program will be responsive and thorough in its alerts, sending you multiple notifications per day. Dollar Flight Club is one of the flight alert options.


The Dollar Flight Club costs $69/year for a premium membership and $99/year for a premium plus membership.

The Premium Plus option offers business and first class seat notifications and a 20% discount on Mobile Passport Plus. This allows you to store your information in the Mobile Passport app and bypass customs when returning from an international trip.

When you first sign up, Dollar Flight Club gives you a free 2-week trial of a premium subscription.

Deleting your account

If you need to cancel your Dollar Flight Club account, you can do so online.

Just click Settings, Billing & Pricing, and then Cancel/Upgrade Plan. You do not need to speak with an agent to get permission to cancel first.

Membership fees are charged annually with 7 days' notice prior to automatic renewal. If you cancel within 24 hours of renewal, you will receive a full refund.

They can be contacted by email for any questions. Their billing and cancellation policy is simple, however some people have had problems canceling their accounts.

Dollar Flight Club Partners

Premium class with the Dollar Flight Cub has its benefits.

They have several partner brands that they work with to offer you free trials and discounts. For example, Premium members receive a 40% discount on Fodor's Travel and a free 60-day trial of SRIBD, an e-book and audiobook subscription service.

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Should you buy Dollar Flight Club?

Flight alerts are an essential tool in your arsenal for finding cheap flights. Dollar Flight Club offers are legit and offer decent savings.

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