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How to find free English courses in the USA

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The first thing that interests an immigrant when adapting to America is the language issue. Fluent English is the key to a comfortable stay and a prerequisite for a successful career. But someone retreats without even trying, just because they cannot repay for their studies. ForumDaily has prepared a list of free opportunities to learn English.

School for adults plus free garden

Have you ever met such names as Community College, Adult school or Adult education center? Such centers are organized in all major and many small cities of America. These are free schools that offer language courses for foreigners. You can find such a school in your city, for example, by going to this site. Enter information about your place of residence and select the option English as a second language (ESL). The system automatically shows all educational institutions that are in the city and district. By the same principle, one can find ESL courses on the website. US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

After completing a course at a similar adult school, you can take a test and get a certificate stating that your knowledge is enough for admission to college.

My husband and I also study in one of these schools. Admission conditions turned out to be very simple: the student must be older than 22 in years and not have an American diploma in education. That is, even if you graduated from an institution of higher education in your country and have a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree, you can still get a place in school and learn English for free.

We passed the test and after half an hour we already knew our results. The next day you can come to study. Choosing from several schools, I stopped at the one where rooms for children are provided. Here, a child is looked after by a student, and at the same time they are taught English. No fee is charged for this either. So along with the free courses, we also received a free garden for an 4-year-old kid.

I myself study in one of these schools, with my husband. Admission conditions turned out to be very simple: the student must be older than 22 in years and not have an American diploma in education. Photos from the personal archive

My husband and I also study in one of these schools. Admission conditions turned out to be very simple: the student must be older than 22 in years and not have an American diploma in education. Photos from the personal archive

Adult school teacher from California, Highlands Community Charter School, Catherine Typer explains: “While children play, sing and learn the English alphabet, adults learn to communicate properly in a store or restaurant, or learn everyday skills such as finding the right information on classified sites, for example. The main thing for us is that students learn to think in English in everyday situations. ”

The program of language schools for adults is much more extensive than the standard programs in English courses. Natasha Lutsik, Assistant Director of Community Charter School in Sacramento, says that for a person who has just arrived in the country, the ability to conduct dialogues with people of different professions is very important, so the lessons are often based on modeling various social situations.

An important nuance! Before you enroll your entire family in school, find out what your vaccination requirements are in your state. In California, for example, a child will not be admitted to the group until all vaccinations have been made.

Choosing a school, pay attention to the study schedule. Schools usually offer both morning and evening classes. Therefore, if you work, you should not put an end to the possibility of free classes of English.

When you find a free school for adults in your city, be sure to pay attention to what else is offered here besides English. These may include courses for preparing for the citizenship exam; training and the ability to get a license taxi driver, beautician, hairdresser, manicurist, kindergarten teacher and even free courses to start your own business.

The system in which classes are held may seem dvolno strange. After all, at home we are accustomed to completely different methods. Olga Nikolaeva lives in Los Angeles, English teaches Geos School Teaching House... Olga says: “Here you are taught 2 hours a day for as long as you choose. And we are taught by those who themselves study to be teachers. Future teachers practice their skills, and a supervisor looks after them. In total, the class has 3 teachers, each has 40 minutes to convey the teaching material. ”

Miroslava Lloyd came from Transcarpathia and has been living in New York for several years. Here she managed to give birth to a child, but due to family chores she did not manage to learn English. I studied at home, and now, when my son has grown up, I decided to go to study. “I don’t regret at all that I went to free school COPE ESL, - says Miroslava. “I found one that offers evening classes and go to school when my husband comes home from work and stays at home with the child.”

One of the advantages of such schools, according to Miroslava Lloyd, is that there is no need to prove one’s status in the United States. The free school does not ask whether you are legally in the country or at what stage of registration of your documents. In New York, as Miroslava was convinced, there are many free schools, and the competition between them is great. Therefore, you can choose the one that will provide a more interesting program and conditions.

In some courses you can be accepted at any time of the year, in others - a set only 2-3 times a year. On some, the visit is very strict, and you may be expelled after a couple of passes, on others, truancy is allowed. Therefore, study the conditions carefully before starting your studies.

For English - to the library

Courses that are held in public libraries are popular among immigrants. In order to get on such courses, it is enough just to come to the information lecture and register. Then the library will send you information about the classes and courses that volunteers conduct. On Online, which brings together the American libraries, you can find the one that is in your city.

For example, in New York on Online city ​​library, you can find out that classes are held 2 times a week for 2 hours each. If there is no time on weekdays, you can come on Saturdays. This is an important difference between libraries and schools for adults. Schools offer classes only on weekdays, and libraries more often on weekends.

Libraries offer a choice of two types of courses: English as a second foreign language (ESL Classes) and English second level (Adult Basic Education Classes). The first option is for those who want to improve their conversational English skills. The second is for those who already speak English but want to improve their reading and writing skills. In addition, the libraries organize courses for those preparing for the American citizenship exam.

The disadvantages of library courses are that the number of places is limited, and the intensity of the classes is not at all great. In addition, the library will not give you a college document that you have taken English courses.

Club for talkers

If you don't have the desire or time to sit down at your desk, you can try another popular study option: socializing in a company where everyone has one goal - to learn English. Such meetings are held in different cities, in Online Meetup can find the most convenient location. There is no teacher who will correct the wrongly used verb, but there is a company that is going to be in a movie, now in a museum, then it just goes to a bar, and you are completely immersed in live communication.

Sergey Nikodimchenko from Miami exactly in such group and pulled up his English: “My parents won the green card, and I arrived with minimal knowledge. I immediately found a job in a car service, there was no one to talk to. For six months, I improved my Ukrainian well, but English remained at zero. When I was told about a company that is going through Meetup, I decided that it would be no use how to communicate if I don't know the words. But he went. And I was surprised to learn that I can understand and even explain a little. We met once a week, chatted on Facebook, and my English got off the ground. "

Free doesn't mean bad

There are probably only one drawback to free English courses. They are worth nothing. And the person is so arranged that he cannot appreciate what he hasn’t paid a large amount for. Although the level of teaching in a free school will be no worse than on expensive courses. The teachers here are professional, and in order to receive a subsidy from the state, the school must prove that its program and teaching staff are no worse than others.

If you have a high level of self-discipline and you are ready to learn a language without a teacher, you can try yourself in the role the volunteer... Finding yourself in an environment where everyone speaks only English, you will begin to replenish your vocabulary, and the barrier that prevents you from speaking will disappear. But if you are still accustomed to the old-fashioned way, with a teacher and books, write the words Community College or Adult school ESL in Google, add your city and - go ahead, for free, but so valuable and necessary knowledge!

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