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How to start a career in medicine from scratch and in a couple of years reach a prestigious specialty with a good salary

The medical professions in the United States are considered prestigious and in demand. Many immigrants dream of such a job, but consider it useless aspirations, because they do not know that dozens of medical professions do not require long college education. There are many in-demand medical specialties that you can master in a few weeks and get started right away. By the way, many of them were included in the rating the best professions in the USA that do not require college education.

Photo: Institute of Career Continuity

In order to dispel the myth that the path to medicine is long and difficult, Institute of Career Continuity (ICC) created a pyramid of medical professions. It shows the path that anyone who wants to work in the health sector can take, regardless of their experience and education. To start, of course, will become boring with the simplest job of an assistant performing errands for medical personnel. But after a couple of years of active work and training on courses Institute of Career Continuity you can grow into a profession that not only pays well, but carries with it all the prestige and respect that Americans bestow on doctors.

Infographics: Institute of Career Continuity

Where to begin

At the heart of the pyramid is a profession Nurse Assistant (Certified Nurse Aide). The primary role of a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) is to provide basic care to patients as well as support them in daily activities that they find it difficult to do on their own. Also, these specialists master the basic skills of working with medical software.

A nurse's assistant earns an average of $ 30 a year, there are over 646 such jobs open in the United States so far, and demand is projected to grow - Bureau of Labor Statistics expectsthat by 2029 the demand for such specialists will increase by 8%.

You can master this specialty at ICC in a few weeks. The course includes 60 hours of theory, 35 hours of clinical practice, and a mandatory 30-hour medical internship.

Those who have already mastered the work of a nurse assistant and received a certificate can move towards the profession Patient Care Technician.

Here you can earn up to $ 70 thousand a year (depending on qualifications) and you will not have to sit without work: by 2024, the demand for such specialists, according to forecasts, will grow by 17%.

Patient care specialists treat the sick and wounded under the supervision of doctors, nurses and medical professionals. ICC Offers Patient Care Technician Preparation Course duration 7 weeks (150 hours of lessons).

Its program covers medical terminology, general patient care, patient preparation for phlebotomy and ECG, infection control, vital signs, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The program introduces students to the anatomy and physiology of the circulatory systems, the functions and composition of blood, indicators of a complete blood count, as well as the procedures and equipment used to collect blood. Students are also taught the principles of electrocardiography and cardiac anatomy, how to recognize heart attacks, prepare patients for ECGs, read and interpret ECG reports, determine reference ranges for ECG recordings, and recognize abnormalities that should be reported to the doctor.

Next step

After mastering the base and understanding what it means to work with patients in general, it is time to expand your knowledge in order to be able not only to carry out the instructions of the nurses, but also to carry out full-fledged medical procedures yourself.

Blood Collection Specialist (Phlebotomy Technician)

On the ICC course specialty Phlebotomy technician can be mastered in two weeks: 1 week of theory + 1 week of practice. Students learn different techniques for collecting and preparing blood for laboratory tests, as well as the specifics of donating blood. In addition, they are explained how to find an approach and establish trust with the patient, since many are afraid of blood and the process of collecting it.

Photo: Institute of Career Continuity

Blood donors receive an average of about $ 33 a year. The demand for them is growing rapidly and, according to forecasts, will increase by 2029% by 17,2. Such a demand is not surprising, because a blood test is now a key test for determining a variety of diseases and the general condition of the body.

Another important procedure, without which almost no diagnostic process can do today, is a cardiogram. And specialists in its removal are also very much needed in the United States - the demand for them will grow by 2024% by 22.

Sex EKG Technician at ICC it is also possible in two weeks: one will be spent on theory, the other on practice. You will learn to work with equipment used to measure the characteristics of a patient's heart. On the EKG Technician course in ICC you will master all the subtleties of electrocardiographs and electrocardiogram recording.

On average, such work is paid $ 49,5 thousand per year, but in some regions of the United States, the salary of experienced specialists can reach $ 70 thousand.

To be able to take a cardiogram and take blood is, of course, important. But what is modern medicine without drugs? .. Only half the battle. Therefore, if you want to develop further, then the topic of medicines cannot be bypassed in any way. It is not necessary to complete a medical degree in order to learn how to properly handle medicines.

You can just go to the course Pharmacy Technician at ICC. ZAnd for 7 weeks you will be taught the rules for the sale and preparation of drugs in the United States, their compatibility, they will tell you about the options for replacing one drug with another and the rules for agreeing such substitutions with doctors.

Until 2029 demand for Pharmacy Technician in the USA will grow by 4%, and they are paid on average about $ 32 thousand per year.

Another attribute of American medicine is insurance. Almost all procedures and examinations require special codification in order for the insurance to pay the patient's bills.

And then the main thing becomes Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (Medical Billing and Coding) - the person who connects hospitals and insurance companies.

At ICC, a biller can be made of you in a month, having been trained to work with specialized medical classification software that is used to assign procedural and diagnostic codes when invoicing insurance companies.

Medical billing and coding specialists (billers) earn on average over $ 39 a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for them will grow by 2029% by 8.

Top of the pyramid

With all this baggage, feel free to move on to mastering the most prestigious medical profession that you can get without going to college.

Medical Assistant (Clinical Medical Assistant) - the top of the pyramid of medical professions that can be mastered quickly and from scratch.

Medical assistants can perform both clinical and administrative functions, helping nurses and doctors with patient assessments, examinations, obtaining laboratory samples, performing electrocardiograms, advising patients about their treatment process, and much more. If qualified, medical assistants can also be assigned to perform important administrative tasks such as billing and electronic medical record management.

Photo: Institute of Career Continuity

In ICC course Clinical Medical Assistant includes 14 weeks of theory + 3 weeks of practical skills in ICC and 8 weeks of practice in a medical office or clinic.

The salary of medical assistants (Clinical Medical Assistant) in the United States on average ranges from 23 to 50 thousand dollars per year, depending on qualifications. The demand for them will grow by 2029% by 19. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that this profession got a place in the top ten the best jobs in the USA that do not require college education.

Of course, it is not necessary to learn what the soul does not lie to, for the sake of conquering the entire pyramid. Each of the courses can be taken separately, based on your abilities and desires.

What you need to study the medical professions in the USA

To register for courses in Institute of Career Continuity, you must provide an identity card (ID), school certificate or a diploma of higher education, as well as pass a special test for knowledge of English CELSA.

Students receive all textbooks completely free of charge. They contain all the best that is known in the field of teaching in a particular specialty. Textbooks were drafted by dedicated consultants and certified by the New York State Department of Education.

At the end of the course, students pass an exam, according to the results of which they will receive a certificate.

But even after that, the school does not step aside. Graduates are helped to write their resume correctly and are taught how to behave in an interview so that the job search process is as fast and efficient as possible.

Simplified college entrance

To everyone who graduated Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) program, Institute of Career Continuity assists with enrollment in the Nursing Program at Nyack College, with which the school has a partnership agreement. That said, many of the hours from your CMA program will be credited to college, making learning easier and faster.

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Institute of Career Continuity

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Tel: 212-335-0711

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