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How to extend the battery of your phone during a planned or sudden blackout

If you live in California, which is constantly covered by large-scale blackouts, then you can take some steps before and during a power outage to extend the battery life of your gadgets. Writes about it CNet.

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California's largest energy provider PG&E has said it will continue to cut off electricity to consumers in Northern and Central California. CEO Bill Johnson warnedthat blackouts can occur during 10 years, although it is likely that over time they will decrease in size and volume, as the company increases the security of its system.

If you are in a California blackout area or want to make sure you are ready to cut off electricity, you can take a few steps to help your electronic devices last as long as possible.

Check if you are in the area of ​​the planned outage

PG&E have a pagewhich you can check to see if you are in the area where a power outage is planned.

If the page is not available, you can find other maps that can give you an idea of ​​the blackout zone.

Charge it all before turning off the power

The goal is to charge all your mobile devices and portable power sources.

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If you have a portable power supply, make sure you charge it. It will not provide you with uninterrupted power for a week, but will help you to last a few days. Limit the frequency of checking your phone: every time you turn it on, you drain the battery.

If you have a portable solar charger that can charge your phone, that’s very good.

If you do not have a power bank or a solar charger, the battery in your laptop can serve as a source of energy.

You will need to find the right cables to connect, but you can charge your phone for several days. If you do not live alone, and each of you has your own phone, consider using only one common phone instead of charging all at the same time.

Save your phone battery

To make your phone’s battery last longer, you can take several steps.

First off, turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS if you don't need them to get emergency assistance.

Then turn off push notifications and avoid streaming services that drain the battery. And also it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the display - it consumes a lot of energy.

See if your phone has an energy-saving mode that you can enable in the settings.

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If you do not want to turn off the phone, then you can switch to flight mode, in which many functions are turned off. If you want to call or send a message, remove it from airplane mode. And consider sending quick text messages instead of phone calls that can drag out and drain your battery.

What else will you need when a power outage

During a power outage, in addition to the phone, you will have other problems.

If you have a spare bag or emergency kit, have it ready. You will need easy access to light sources, tools, cash and other supplies that you have collected for an emergency.

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