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How can I get a green card

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There are several options for obtaining a green card - a permanent resident certificate (Form I-551), which is a document confirming the legal status of residence in the United States of America.

In particular, an application for a green card can be submitted citing family ties, a work contract, refugee status or asylum, as well as a number of other special cases.

For each category of people wishing to receive a green card, the Congress sets a limit annually. Also among the categories there are priority, for example, close relatives of a US citizen have a higher immigration priority than other categories.

Getting a green card through the family

The immediate family of a US citizen is not subject to a limit of visas that can be issued to this category of persons.

The closest relatives are:

  • parents of a US citizen
  • spouse of a US citizen
  • unmarried children of a US citizen (under the age of 21)

In order to apply for reunification with parents, a US citizen must come of age, that is, 21 of the year.

As a rule, the above categories of people can receive a green card within six months.

The rest of the relatives of a US citizen or a green card holder are subject to a limit on the number of visas issued for one category or another. Moreover, the more priority you get, the sooner you can get a visa.

The priority in issuing visas to other relatives is as follows:

First priority: Single adults (older than 21 of the year) are sons and daughters of a US citizen.

Type A second priority: the spouse of the green card holder and his unmarried children (under the age of 21).

Type B second priority: Single sons and daughters (older than 21 of the year) green card holder.

Third priority: married sons and daughters of a US citizen, their spouses and their minor children.

Fourth priority: brothers and sisters of adult US citizens, their spouses and minor children.

For more information on obtaining a green card through family ties, see link Green Card - family.

Getting a green card through work

People who want to apply for a green card on the basis of a work visa can do this, given the following visa priority:

First priority: рabbot, including foreigners with extraordinary abilities, eminent professors and researchers, as well as some international leaders and managers.

Second priority: persons with exceptional abilities, as well as with an advanced degree.

Third priority: skilled workers, specialists.

Fourth priority: religious workers.

Fifth priority: investors and entrepreneurs whose purpose is to create jobs.

For more information about this option to receive a green card, follow the link. Green Card - Work.

Getting a green card for refugees or through the provision of political asylum

If you came to the United States as a refugee, spouse or child of a refugee, you must apply for permanent resident status one year after entering the country. Moreover, this is not a right, but an obligation, according to American laws.

If you have been granted asylum in the United States or are the spouse or child of an asylum recipient, you can apply for a green card one year after you are granted refugee status. At the same time, you decide for yourself whether to apply for a green card or not. American laws do not require this.

For more information, click here Green Card - refugee status or obtaining political asylum.

other methods

Although most immigrants come to live in the United States using family ties and work visas, there are many other ways to get a green card. In particular, we are talking about obtaining the so-called K-type bride visa, participation in a green card draw, a special program for minors, etc. You can read more about all methods here.


Previously, ForumDaily told stories of people who won green card in the lottery.

It is important to remember: winning a green card is only half the battle, the main thing is how you can realize yourself in America. For example, read the story Hollywood producer Valerie Philwhich won the green card in the lottery and did not want to move for a long time.

However, remember that besides the Green Card Lottery, there are at least nine other ways stay in the USA for permanent residence.

In each case, you need to go through to get a green card. medical check and interview. In addition, everyone who came to the United States should make a few basic documents: arrange bank cards, social security number and US ID.

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