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How has immigration changed in America over 200 years

Donald Trump is not the first American politician proposed to ban members of a particular ethnic or racial group entering the United States. In the history of the country there were many cases when they made a choice as to whom they should open or close their borders to.

In 1790, US authorities prohibited all residents except whites from accepting American citizenship. In 1798, the President of the United States was given the power to imprison or deport stateless persons deemed "dangerous to the peace and security" of the country.

After 80 years, a ban on immigration was introduced for residents of China. From time to time, the quota scheme for potential immigrants from other countries changed. Only 60 years ago, when racial restrictions were lifted, at least some sprouts of diversification appeared.

Judging by interactive graphicscompiled by the portal, over the past two centuries, American immigration was influenced not only by internal but also external processes (Great Depression and War).

In the 1820 year, for example, only 9,7 million people lived in the US (the current number of Sweden), and about 80 million moved to America for permanent residence over the past two hundred years. Most of these people, including European immigrants and their descendants, form the basis of today's US population.

Along with Europeans, the largest immigrant groups are Hispanic and Asian. A considerable number of visitors from Russia belong to two waves of emigration - the beginning of the 20th century and the end of the last century (after the collapse of the USSR).

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