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How a loophole in law helps illegal immigrants to stay in the US

While the presidential administration is regrouping with numerous political and legal failures in attempts to curb illegal migration, a very clear trend is seen to the south of the border: numerous families and minor children without adult supervision are flooding Texas, Arizona and California.

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According to the new report of the Department of Homeland Security, the number of illegal migrants increased sharply last month, writes Fox News. The ministry said that immigrants use a loophole in the law, which requires the release of the family after they were once detained.

The new numbers indicate the 10-percent increase in the number of unaccompanied minors, while the number of families who illegally entered the US or are seeking asylum increased by 38 percent. In general, about 47 thousand people were detained at the border in August, which is 17% more than in July and 52% more than a year ago.

The administration tried to separate parents and children as part of a "zero tolerance" policy to stop immigrants crossing the Mexico-U.S. border illegally, but intense political outcry forced the move to be abandoned. The administration also made attempts to keep families in special institutions until court dates, but the courts themselves abandoned this. As a result, Customs and Border Protection sources say immigrants are seeing an opportunity to exploit the government gridlock and sneak into the country while the administration tries to figure out its next move.

Ali Nurani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, says:

“The situation in Central America is so bad that parents are choosing to lose their child in the US rather than lose them to violence in their own country.”

“This leaves lawmakers with two options: They can continue the failed strategy of trying to provide a solution...Or they can develop bipartisan solutions that address the situation in Central America and ensure that migrants fleeing violence and persecution can seek protection and justice in the USA."

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Over the past nine months, 98,6% of families that entered the country illegally or undocumented from countries other than Mexico remain in the United States. And officials say that most of them will never leave America. The largest number of minors and families came from Guatemala (64 000 people), Honduras (43 000), El Salvador (16 000) and Mexico (11 000).

The biggest variable is the size of the groups they encounter. Whereas previously several people or groups of less than 10 people crossed the border, agents now see immigrants in groups of 20, and sometimes even 50 people. And instead of fleeing from authorities, such groups seek refuge.

“They're bringing children,” Border Patrol officials in Arizona say. - This is their ticket. If they come as adults, they can be detained. But the family cannot be detained. They know this, the smugglers tell them about it.”

The Trump administration said on Tuesday that it was trying to cope with an influx of immigrants by tripling the number of berths for unaccompanied minors in a detention camp in Tornillo, Texas, to serve up to 3800 children.

The new immigration judges were also included in the work of 44, and families were allowed to hold together until their immigration cases were heard. Probably in the future this rule will face a legal problem, since federal judge Dolly Gee has already refused to change his ruling that families in custody should be released after 20 days.

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