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How did the KGB marry a Soviet employee to a billionaire?

A love story that still causes a lot of controversy and is similar to the plot for a spy novel. He is Sergei Kauzov, a communist, married, with a daughter and working in the oil transportation department of Sovfrakht. She is Christina Onassis, the heiress of the millionaire, the owner of the largest shipping empire on the planet Olympic Maritime, Aristotle Onassis. Their wedding took place in July 1978. An unusual love story was described by Sergey Bobrov for publication Spletnik.

It is still unknown whether it was love at first sight or a KGB operation. In any case, at this wedding the USSR earned more than a million dollars.

A modest employee of the Sovfrakhta oil transportation department Sergey Danilovich Kauzov was the least like a hero-lover. In childhood, he lost his right eye and wore glass. He was fond of foreign languages ​​and badminton. Collected ties. What did the owner of the company find in him Olympic maritime, one of the key private fleets of the world, is unclear.

Christina Onassis fell in love. By the time she had been married twice. Nine months lived with Californian developer Joseph Bolker and a little more than a year with the rich Greek Alexandros Andreadis.

Their acquaintance took place in 1976, when Christina, already a free woman, flew to Moscow. She was going to renew the contract for the transportation of imported grain to the Soviet Union. One of the members of the Sovfrakht working group was Kauzov. Somehow he managed to attract the attention of a wealthy foreigner. Flying to Paris, Onassis demanded that Sergey Danilovich be sent to her for further approval. Kauzov is hastily sent to France with a party assignment - to sign a contract in any way. Nobody imagined that it would go that far.

Parisian novel

It is not known for certain whether Kauzov received an assignment from the KGB to hit on Onassis. But he went into the attack with the dexterity of an experienced Don Juan. He behaved independently, thoroughly and with dignity, without showing the slightest subservience to the millionaire. And more and more intrigued Christina. "Russian ... Communist ... And they say, a KGB agent ... Well, how can you resist?" - she shared her impressions with her aunt.

“Once Sergey and Christina discussed their affairs in a small restaurant. An hour later, Kauzov said to her: “Excuse me, madam, I have affairs. I have to go. We can continue later in your home or in my hotel ”, as the former Confident and Press Secretary of Onassis Dimitris Liberopoulos told about the beginning of their affair in an interview with RTR. "Then Christine replied:" I myself will come to your room. " Actually, this is where it all started. ”

Soon the KGB decided whether to allow Kauzov to divorce or end the affair with Kristina. As a result, Onassis dreamed that the wedding would take place on Scorpios, a private island of the family. But Moscow wanted to completely control the process. After discussing the situation on the Politburo, Leonid Brezhnev asked to convey to the groom that he received the blessing not in heaven, but in the Kremlin. And the wedding will take place only in Moscow.

Registration took place in the Griboyedovskiy registry office, a banquet in the Metropol. The crowd of foreign journalists was held back by police and plain-clothes agents.

Housing issue

The billionaire felt at Mosfilmovskaya, to put it mildly, uncomfortable. "Two-room", and even with the mother-in-law, did not suit her in any way. Three days later, she moved to a hotel. Fearing a scandal, Yuri Andropov ordered to urgently allocate an apartment to the newlyweds. The city authorities offered a luxurious, by Soviet standards, "three rubles" in the new writers' house in Protopopovsky Lane. Neighbors are trusted people. Below Genrikh Borovik, international journalist. Above - Bulat Okudzhava.

The ostentatious Moscow idyll did not last long. In January, the newlyweds left for Paris, visited by visits to Athens and St. Moritz.

“Sergei learned to live abroad like a king,” Arne Larsson, a famous Swedish shipbroker, wrote in his memoirs. “Russians always choose the best: it amazed me again and again that they knew the names of brandies and cigars, which I would never have dreamed (or could not afford) to order”. But the imperious and unbalanced Christina, the Swede adds, kept her husband in tight rein: “He constantly had to tell her where he was going and who he was meeting. If possible, he had to leave a phone number so that she could call and check. ”

However, soon what happened was to be expected. Husband bored Onassis. Having lived married 17 for months, Christina and Sergey divorced. Later, she admitted that Kauzov was the best of her husbands.

Life after a divorce

In 1984, Christina married the French tycoon Thierry Roussel and gave birth to a daughter, Athena. And in 1987, another divorce. A year later, Christina Onassis was found dead in a bathtub at her friends' estate near Buenos Aires. The official version is a heart attack.

Kauzov had doubled his fortune by then. Having received two tankers during a divorce, he moved to London and opened a shipping company. Things went well. He transferred money to the CPSU funds regularly.

He soon married and divorced Alison Harkness, who bore him a daughter. The Englishwoman turned out to be psychotic because of the sexual trauma inflicted in her childhood. Former minister in the Thatcher government, Sir Alan Clark, was once held in mistress by her mother Valerie. At the same time he slept with young Alyson and her sister Josephine.

20 years ago, Sergei Kauzov bought from Lord Glenkoran a plot on Mastic. This is a tiny Caribbean island where Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Hugh Grant and members of the British royal family became his neighbors.

There, he tried to persuade a neighboring governess, an 21-year-old Frenchwoman, to live together. The girl had to complain to the owners, and they declared the Russian shipowner a sex maniac.

Kauzov moved to Switzerland. I bought a chalet in the resort town of Gryon. Now in the neighborhood of the 76-year-old millionaire his two daughters live from marriages with Natalia and Alison.

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