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How to avoid hypothermia in the winter: useful tips

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In view of the cold weather, it is worth remembering how to avoid hypothermia and frostbite, and what to do if this happened.

Before going out, take a look at the thermometer. Incorrect statement that supercooled can only be at sub-zero temperatures. Believe me, if you dress not according to the weather, then you can get supercooling even at a temperature of + 5 .. + 10 degrees.

There are a few simple rules that will allow you to avoid hypothermia and frostbite in bitter cold:

1. Do not drink alcohol - alcohol intoxication (however, like any other) actually causes a large loss of heat (due to the expansion of peripheral vessels), at the same time causing the illusion of warming. An additional factor is the inability to focus on signs of frostbite.

2. Do not smoke in the cold - smoking reduces peripheral blood circulation, and thus makes the limbs more vulnerable.

3. Do not walk in the frosty weather down the street hungry, tired.

4. You can not walk in the cold after injuries and blood loss.

5. Wear loose clothing - this contributes to normal blood circulation.

6. Dress like “cabbage” - while between layers of clothing there is always a layer of air that perfectly holds heat.

7. Outerwear must be waterproof.

8. Tight shoes, lack of insoles, wet dirty socks are not only the cause of calluses, but often serve as the main cause for the appearance of chafing and frostbite. Particular attention should be paid to shoes for those who often sweat feet. In the boots you need to put warm insoles, and instead of cotton socks to wear wool - they absorb moisture, leaving your feet dry.

9. Do not go out into the cold without mittens, hats and a scarf. The best option - mittens from water-repellent and windless fabric with fur inside. Gloves from natural materials, though comfortable, do not save from frost. You can protect your cheeks and chin with a scarf. 10. In windy cold weather, before going out on the street, smear open areas of the body with a special cream, fat or animal oil (but not vegetable oil).

11. Do not carry heavy objects (bags, baskets) that squeeze the vessels of the hands, which contributes to freezing.

12. Do not use moisturizer for face and hands.

13. Do not wear metal (including gold, silver) jewelry in the cold — rings, earrings, etc. Firstly, the metal cools much faster than the body to low temperatures, as a result of which it is possible to “stick” to the skin with pain and cold injuries. . Secondly, the rings on the fingers impede the normal circulation of blood. In general, in the cold try to avoid contact of bare skin with metal.

14. Use the help of a friend - watch your friend's face, especially your ears, nose and cheeks, any noticeable changes in color, and he or she will watch yours.

15. Do not allow the frozen place to freeze again - this will cause much more significant skin damage.

16. Do not remove shoes from frost-bitten limbs in the cold — they will swell up and you will not be able to put on your shoes again. It is necessary to reach the warm room as soon as possible. If your hands are frozen - try to warm them under your arms.

17. After returning home after a long walk in the frost, be sure to ensure that there is no frostbite of the extremities, back, ears, nose, etc. Frostbite, which is allowed to leak, can lead to gangrene and subsequent loss of the limb.

18. As soon as during the walk you feel hypothermia or freezing of the extremities, it is necessary as soon as possible to go to any warm place - a shop, cafe, house - to warm and inspect places vulnerable to frostbite.

19. If you have a stalled car away from a populated area or in an unfamiliar area, it is better to stay in the car, call for help by phone or wait while another car passes by on the way.

20. In winter, one should remember that snow is a very poor conductor of heat, therefore during a blizzard it is better to dig into the snow, waiting for it to subside, than to wander with the danger of getting lost and freezing.

21. Hide from the wind - the probability of frostbite in the wind is much higher.

22. Do not wet the skin - water conducts heat much better than air. Do not go out into the cold with wet hair after a shower. Wet clothes and shoes (for example, a person fell into the water) must be removed, wiped dry, if possible put on dry clothes and as soon as possible bring the person to heat.

23. For a long walk in the cold it can be useful to bring along a pair of interchangeable socks, mittens and a thermos with hot tea.

It should be borne in mind that in children the body’s thermoregulation is not fully established, and in the elderly and in some diseases this function is impaired. These categories are more prone to hypothermia and frostbite, and this should be considered when planning a walk. When letting the child go for a walk in the cold outside, remember that it is desirable for him to return to the heat and warm up every 15-20 minutes.

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