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Community College: What immigrants need to know about this opportunity in the USA

Are you immigrating to the United States with or without American higher education? Then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with a concept such as community collegewrites in his блоге teacher on Yandex Zen moved to live in the USA.

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Next - from the first person.

There are people (including my friends) who are well settled in America without a local higher education. True, at the time of arrival they already spoke English “Injectively”, but still. Wherever fate puts you in America, look for a local community college right away.

American Higher Education for a Brighter Future

With a local education, Americans are eager to hire people. There are, of course, professions that you can study at home, but in the United States it’s easy to confirm them, but if you are not a doctor and not a computer technician who is fluent in English, then studying at an American university will greatly help you.

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Work at first may be the most unsightly. It’s necessary to undertake any and constantly repeat to himself Mayakovsky’s words “all work is good”, especially since the Americans do not look down on a person who sweeps the street or washes latrines.

If you have a choice, then you must agree to such work that would be the most exhausting, with a salary covering the Spartan living conditions along with tuition at the community college. Education should be the goal of making money, that is, the main thing is not enrichment, but the receipt of an American education. All the rest then.

It is quite clear: if an American works more than 20 hours a week, then his estimates may creep down. But immigrants need to tune in not only to work over 20 hours a week, but also to earn excellent grades at community college. Though blood from the nose.

What is community college

It seems to be a university, although it reminds this institution of an evening school for Soviet working youth. In the afternoon - work, and after work - study.

Community college gathers people who, maybe, fool around the school. But, having matured, they took up the mind and went for a certificate of secondary education. There are many adults who work and at the same time improve their education. Let's say in the movie "Big Break." Teenagers may also be there if the school has already become easier for them. Well, and of course, foreigners sit in classrooms with everyone.

Many Americans turn their noses off community colleges, they say, they are not real universities. The real ones are those for which you will then have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most likely for many, many years.

Community college can be completed in just two years - and for several thousand dollars, and then transferred to a 4-year university to get a bachelor's degree. Many acquaintances and friends received scholarships - some full, some partial. With a bachelor, a decent job can already be found. Then stand firmly on your feet.

Personal experience at community college

I studied at such a university for exactly two years. In the summer I also took courses to meet the deadline. He honed his language, both oral and written. Now I can learn American. Most importantly, I managed to transfer to a university and study for a bachelor absolutely free. Received a full scholarship.

With full confidence, I can say that without the writing and speaking skills acquired at the community college, I would not be able to study normally for a bachelor. And so, they also took a tutor to work on checking the essays and research works of my American classmates.

He studied mainly in the evenings, because evening courses are three times cheaper. I traveled everywhere by bus, so as not to spend money on cars and insurance, but at the same time to do lessons along the way. Saved on everything. Like the son of a regiment, the inhabitants of a small town in New England, where I found myself, even collected clothes and shoes, because I arrived only for one summer.

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I must say that Americans are happy to help immigrants who have a goal in life or even a dream that is not related to ordinary material enrichment. “Earn a lot of money” - will not make a proper impression on the Americans, who would have taken and helped as much as they could if the dream were more elevated.

Conditions for a student visa

The most difficult requirement when obtaining an F-1 student visa is a bank account. It should have a certain amount, which would be enough for a whole year of living and food in the United States while studying. Each community college has its own necessary amount on the account of the future student. However, it is usually not indicated anywhere how long this amount should be on the account.

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