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How an immigrant can get a specialty, the owners of which are now actively hired by all companies in the USA

After moving to the US, it's important not to get stuck in typical low-paying immigrant jobs. Most people come here to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families, so it is necessary to study the market for professions and get an American education. And we are not even talking about college, because now in the United States it is possible to make good money and build a promising career after professional courses. In this regard, it is worth taking a closer look at the IT sphere - it continues to grow, develop and offers good salaries. In addition, now there are many relevant IT professions on the market, which almost everyone can learn, even if before that his relationship with the computer was not very close.

Anastasia Gerner and Alana Gottemoller. Photo courtesy of school CleverOnly

As explained to us in online school of IT professions CleverOnly, the specialty of business analyst looks especially promising today.

What does a business analyst do

This specialist is the link between the management of the company, its ordinary employees and the IT team. He helps these often multilingual groups understand each other, assess the company's challenges and problems, and find effective solutions. Another important task of a business analyst is to build communication between the customer and the end developer of the IT product and eliminate misunderstandings between them due to different initial data and knowledge stocks.

To solve such problems, in addition to technical skills, a business analyst must have soft skills:

  • excellent communication skills;
  • analytical thinking;
  • an integrated approach to solving problems;
  • ability to focus on details.

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How much are paid business analysts in the USA

Anyone who has tried to find common ground with an IT specialist knows that this is not an easy task, and therefore understands the importance of qualified intermediaries. In addition to this mediation mission, the business analyst is concerned with identifying the company's problems, and after all, a correctly formulated problem is almost half of the solution. It is not surprising that such services are rated very highly in the US market. Average salary for a business analyst in America, according to Glassdoor, is $ 77 per year. Business analysts with experience can count on a six-figure salary.

Which companies in America are hiring business analysts

Since almost any modern business is impossible without the Internet, business analysts are now needed everywhere. According to the BA Times, the number of business analyst jobs in the United States has grown from 364 in 000 to 2018 in 2. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for these specialists to increase by another 720% by 000. The business analyst profession is the easiest way to start a career in IT giants like Amazon or Google, because they need such specialists in huge numbers.

Photo courtesy of school CleverOnly

How to become a business analyst in the USA

You can start a career in business analysis by taking online courses at school CleverOnly. The school offers an individualized study schedule that can be combined with work, the course lasts 12 weeks. It is suitable even for those who have never dealt with IT before.

Teachers are focused on employment, and not on broadening the horizons of students, therefore, during training, most of the time is devoted to practice. You can further indicate these cases in your resume. All assignments are accompanied by comments and remarks from teachers after checking, so even if you did not understand something and made a mistake, they will correct it and explain how not to repeat such an oversight.

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The knowledge gained on the course will be enough to get started. You can start searching for a suitable vacancy immediately after completing your studies.

Other promising IT professions that can be mastered at CleverOnly

Another good way to start a career in IT is the profession of a tester (QA). To master it, you do not need to have a special education, it is enough to pass QA Analyst online course. In CleverOnly it lasts about 3 months and focuses on practical assignments, not dry theory. Next, you will have a series of interviews in various companies. In case of successful completion of the interview, most likely you will be offered a job on a contract with an hourly fee, since for IT companies to hire a tester without full-time work experience is a big risk.

But after the end of the trial period, if you have proven yourself well, you will be offered a full time job. The average salary for a beginner tester in the United States is about $ 67 per year, and experienced testers earn nearly double that.

There are three main reasons to become a tester in America:

  • no need to spend years to master the current profession, the demand for which is constantly growing;
  • an affordable way to start a career in the IT field;
  • the ability to develop within the company in various directions;
  • decent and stable income.

В online school CleverOnly Russian-speaking teachers work who can help with the translation of incomprehensible terms. They teach based on their own experience - each of them has about 10 years of experience in various IT industries. In addition, the school prepares for interviews and helps with resume writing.

Material prepared in partnership with

Online school CleverOnly

cell: +1 312 880 71 20

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