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How to open a business for an immigrant in the USA: all the nuances from A to Z

Hello friends! My name is Timur Mirzaev, I am an immigrant, business enthusiast and owner of 5 large companies in the USA, Canada and Uzbekistan. And in the last year, there has also been a blogger who talks exactly about how to open and build your business in the USA from scratch and achieve success. Subscribe to my instagramso you don't miss the fun.

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As the well-known saying goes, “if I knew where I would fall, I would spread straws”. This is what prompted me to create your blog... If someone gave me such advice when I started my first company, everything would be much easier. But I decided to do it for you. So, today in the must read section - all the nuances from A to Z. Let's go!

Where to begin

The first thing to pay close attention to is local culture and traditions... This is an extremely important point. You need to understand how much your product / service is in demand in a given region, make a market analysis and bring the product to a denominator that will be understandable to the local population.

Mentality - the other side of the same coin. A mentality must be kept in mind when dealing with customers, suppliers and third-party businesses to keep yourself out of frustration. You should understand what form of communication, timing, etiquette, etc.

Economic and social ties... Interaction with local authorities, administrative side of doing business. Partnerships, franchises, taxes and audits.

Logistics - another important point. For example, in the United States, railway communication is extremely poorly developed, all logistics are carried out by trucking companies. In the countries of the former USSR, on the contrary, basically, trains can deliver to extremely remote areas of the country.

Such a thorough analysis is necessary so as not to find yourself in a situation where you, for example, decide to release a drink in plastic bottles in a country with a zero waste policy, where they refuse from plastic and boycott such production.

If you have analyzed all this, taken into account and are ready to move on, then we turn to the direct bureaucratic procedure for registering a business.

Starting a business in the USA is easy

You can do this yourself by filling out an online application for opening a company. Each state has its own requirements, you can find them on the official website of the Secretary of State or simply google, for example, how to open llc or corporation in NY?

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If you do not understand what kind of company to open, you can consult with an accountant or, for example, with me on my Instagram page.

The procedure for filling out the application itself takes 15 minutes:

  • come up with a company name;
  • check the registry if it is available;
  • pay a fee of about $ 100-200;
  • waiting for a couple of days for an email response.

Within a week you will receive a letter with a certificate for your company.

Next, go to the IRS website to get the Tax ID number by which you will deduct taxes from this business.

The final step will be to open a bank account in the name of the company. If you have a good credit history, you will definitely be offered to open a business credit card (usually the limit of such cards is from $ 12).

Congratulations, you are now a one-footed businessman!

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To become a businessman with confidence on both feet, you need to constantly grow yourself and develop your business. Applications will help with this.

My Top 3 Business Apps

1. LitRes for reading books - an extensive library from various fields. I always read when I have a free minute. I am sure that every businessman needs to read books and broaden his horizons. The more books you read, the more you increase your chances of making your first million. (Here is my list of Top 6 books that will make your brain work like a billionaire).

To succeed in business, you need to develop such qualities as discipline, confidence in decision-making, thinking out of the box. And books can help with all this.

In addition, a businessman needs such a quality as gambling. It is excitement, like jet fuel, that propels you forward, prompts you to take risks where the comfort zone and fear usually suck others.

There is an opinion that rich people are very stingy and think over their every step in order to avoid mistakes. It's true, but every successful entrepreneur is a roulette player. How the business will develop depends directly on how willing you are to make non-standard decisions and take “high rates”.

Healthy passion is the very perpetual motion machine that makes your eyes burn with the idea of ​​developing your business and opening new horizons. And books will help channel the excitement in the right direction. So read as much as possible!

2. Microsoft To Do - unrealistically cool and easy to use epp. A traditional To-do list in a very intuitive and simple way. Recently I discovered it, in terms of ease of use it is comparable to a notebook and a pen, but without having to carry it with you.

If I want to work on a specific department in the company, then I simply enter all the tasks regarding this department into the category of the same name. As they are completed, I click "done", and the task is deleted from the list. If the task is important, I mark it with an asterisk, and it is fixed at the top. I recommend everyone to keep track of what things have already been done and analyze your day.

3 LinkedIn - an irreplaceable platform for every businessman. The best platform for meeting the right people, finding business partners and investors. Sit on LinkedIn instead of Facebook - it will help you build a cool team, find partners and gain experience!

Dating is generally mega-important for a businessman in the United States, so an entrepreneur who wants to succeed is simply obliged to master the art of networking.


Living in Orlando, I try to attend any event that brings together various representatives of the business sector.

Often I am invited to them, but if not, then I come myself. The main reason why I'm looking for any reason to be in places where entrepreneurs gather is useful contacts. Everyone is a teacher, remember this.

I was recently at a gala dedicated to Mexican culture. A dinner was organized for guests with VIP tickets prior to the start of the concert. On it I met the assistant to the mayor of Orlando, where I live. As a result, we agreed to have dinner with him, and I was able to ask him questions of interest to me about the interaction between business and the city. Such acquaintances are very useful, and you never know in advance where they can come in handy.

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If you want to achieve significant heights and go beyond the local business, then the more acquaintances you make, the more support you can get in the implementation of your projects.

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If you do all this, then you are probably tired, and here we come to the last, but very important nuance of doing business in the United States.

You need to be able to rest from work

Usually after a busy and stressful week, I give myself a rest.

I haven't been working on weekends for a couple of years now, spend time with my family and don't plan any work meetings. When I just started building my business, I worked seven days a week. When I managed to establish all the processes, and they did not require my constant attention and involvement, I made it a rule not to work on weekends.

What do I do to fully relax:

  1. I don't think about work at all.
  2. I try to keep my phone use to a minimum (as it is fashionable to call it now - I arrange a digital detox). It doesn't always work out, but I try.
  3. I give myself good physical activity. I love to go out with my son into the yard and tidy up our mini-vegetable garden, plant something, remove foliage, etc.
  4. I find something interesting to do. I go somewhere for new impressions.
  5. I walk alone or with children. I think about myself, about life, about my family.
  6. I read it, if possible and time.
  7. I allow myself a glass of wine or a glass of whiskey. Rarely, but I can sometimes relax this way if all of the above did not work out to the fullest.

Finally, to get the satisfaction of your vacation, you just need to do a good job before doing it. Then there will be no remorse or a desire to return to work, because you know that you have already given your best and you can just relax.

More interesting information about business and life in the USA can be found in my Instagram by hashtags:

  • # team_pro_business - here I write about business ideas, startups and doing business in general;
  • #time_habits - here I talk about my good habits that help me stay effective in life and business;
  • #team_hobby - under this hashtag I share what helps me stay in shape and restore energy reserves;
  • #team_development - well, here I share useful books / films / podcasts and other resources for self-development;
  • #time_personal - under this hashtag, you can find a story about my move to the USA, the beginning of a business path and the launch of my first offline business.

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