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As an immigrant to find a decent job in the United States: Upwardly Global specialists will answer reader questions ForumDaily

Finding yourself in immigration is not an easy task, one of the components of which is finding a job that matches your knowledge and qualifications. It is especially difficult for immigrants with higher education who would like to realize themselves in the United States in the area in which they have knowledge and experience. However, the rules of the American labor market, which are different from the conditions for finding a job in your home country, and imperfect English skills often become insurmountable obstacles to the dream.

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Helping find a job can be a company Upwardly Global, which free of charge helps highly skilled immigrants and refugees find a decent job in the United States. The organization seeks to create conditions in the US under which qualified immigrants can easily integrate into American life and the professional environment.

Since 2000, the company has helped 6000 immigrants find jobs. Half of them received work in the fields of STEM (IT, engineering and medicine), in which the average income is from 45 000 dollars a year. Upwardly Global clients represent 169 countries, more than 3000 successfully employed candidates moved to the United States from the CIS countries.

Upwardly global It helps immigrants who meet the following criteria for finding a job in the USA:

  • have a visa that allows them to work in the United States;
  • are in the US 5 for years or less;
  • have a level of education not lower than a bachelor's degree in an educational institution of the country of origin;
  • live in California, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland or Columbia;
  • have professional experience outside the US;
  • Do not have professional experience in the US (an exception may be work outside your specialty or short-term contracts);
  • speak English at least at an intermediate level;
  • They are computer literate and have access to a computer.

Even if you think you don’t meet some of these requirements, the company recommends that you apply so that specialists can assess whether you can qualify for a job search program for immigrants.

At the request of ForumDaily, Upwardly Global experts will answer any questions from readers of our publication about immigrant employment after moving to the United States.

During the question and answer session you can find out:

- how Upwardly Global can help you find a job in the USA;

- how highly skilled immigrants find themselves in a new country;

- how best to prepare for a job search in the United States;

- what you need to know about the American labor market;

- how to write a resume and prepare for an interview;

- what documents are needed for successful employment in the USA, etc.

ForumDaily readers have the opportunity to ask questions about their employment in the US, using the form found in the news below or in comments to this material. You can also leave questions in the comments to the post on this topic on Faceboo ForumDaily pagek. If you want your question to remain anonymous, you can send it in private messages to our Facebook page.

Send your questions before 18 March 2019. All answers will be published on our website.

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