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As an immigrant to find a decent job in the United States: Upwardly Global experts answered questions from readers ForumDaily

It can be difficult for immigrants to realize their own American dream: the language barrier, lack of understanding of the labor market, the peculiarities of presenting information about themselves - from building a resume to communicating at an interview - interferes. As a result, a person with knowledge and professional experience is engaged in unskilled labor without risking claiming more. Company Upwardly global helps free highly skilled immigrants and refugees find decent work in the United States.

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Since 2000, the company has helped 6000 work for immigrants from 169 countries.

Upwardly Global helps job seekers in the US to immigrants who meet the following criteria:

  • have a visa that allows them to work in the United States;
  • are in the US 5 for years or less;
  • have a level of education not lower than a bachelor's degree in an educational institution of the country of origin;
  • live in California, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland or Columbia;
  • have professional experience outside the US;
  • Do not have professional experience in the US (an exception may be work outside your specialty or short-term contracts);
  • speak English at least at an intermediate level;
  • They are computer literate and have access to a computer.

Even if you think you don’t meet some of these requirements, the company recommends that you apply so that specialists can assess whether you can qualify for a job search program for immigrants.

At the request of ForumDaily Tim Workman, company specialist Upwardly Global, answered questions from our readers.

Question: I live in New York. Can you help me find a job?

Yes! We work in an office in New York. You just need to comply our criteria. The program on 100% is free.

Question: I am a doctor, homeopath, reflexologist. Experience 39 years. I live in the USA, Maryland. Could you help me with the work?

Yes! If you have a bachelor's degree or higher in your country and you meet our other requirements, we provide support to a wide range of medical professionals.

Question: Hello! Very interested in the activities of this company, interested in the answers to all the questions listed in your article. I am an engineer with higher education, extensive experience in the specialty and meet all criteria English is not very good yet ... The company's website has no office in Los Angeles. Can I count on cooperation and assistance?

We put applicants from Los Angeles on a waiting list: now the service in this city is not funded, but in the future it is possible. If you join our program, we will give you knowledge about finding a job, teach you how to create a resume and prepare for an interview.

Question: I am 27, I am a marketing specialist with experience in the specialty in Ukraine for about 6 years. Recently moved to the USA. My question is: will my Ukrainian diploma be useful here and what salary can I expect?

Your experience is important. Wages vary by industry and location, but UpGlo can assist you in salary negotiations after receiving a job offer.

Question: Hello, my name is Tatiana, I want to know how to find a well-paid job in the United States. I am a medical worker by profession, knowledge of the language is average or slightly lower. Have experience with a computer.

Our goal is to help you get the job and salary you deserve! We offer support in both healthcare and computer related areas.

Question: Hello! How can you find a job as a civil engineer, specialty - mining engineer. Which states are best to look for?

All of our offices work with engineers and can help with determining where to best apply / where to move to find the best jobs in the US.

Question: I am a teacher of Russian language and literature. For five years in America, I have citizenship. The level of English is intermediate. She confirmed the diploma. I work as a nanny in a kindergarten. I would like to work in a company or in an office. I am 55 years old. What courses can you take in a year or two to receive a salary of 45-000?

We offer educational modules and other support to help you become familiar with the US labor market and hopefully find a job in another organization. Our specialists will be happy to discuss the possibility of additional training, if necessary, to re-enter your professional field.

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Question: Hello. Tell me, can I expect to find a job as an interior designer with two years of experience in a private agency, with a diploma from an International School? Higher education is available, but not in this specialty. Language proficiency is average. We chose the city for moving - this is New York.

Most likely, you can participate in our program, since you have a bachelor's degree from your country. Our office in New York will help you build a professional network and schedule the desired positions in accordance with your experience.

Question: I'm not sure that I fit your requirements. But still, can I send you a resume? I would love to hear your feedback. Can you help put it in order?

Our specialists will more accurately determine your eligibility and provide the necessary assistance. Due to limited resources, we are able to serve only those who submit an application and are eligible to participate in our program.

Question: I heard that it is very important to have recommendations in the USA. Can I provide recommendations from my previous job in Russia if I am just starting to look for my first job in America?

You can! Our consultants can advise you on how best to use recommendations from your country.

Question: I have worked in Russia in the field of marketing for over 10 years, including in leadership positions. Having moved to the USA, I decided to study computer science - now I am in my second year of college. I want to start working on my resume and try to get a job as a software developer. Do I need to highlight my accomplishments in marketing if software development has nothing to do with it? And what is the best resume when I'm going to make a career change?

Computer science is a highly demanded professional field. We at Upwardly Global have several technical training partners who can help you make your transition as efficiently as possible in the future. If you join our program, your UpGlo coach manager will help you craft your resume to best reflect your professional experience, based on your new career goals.

Question: My husband and I won the green cards. I am a teacher, he is a fitness trainer. We would like to move to New York. What kind of job can we get and how to start a search?

In New York, an infinite number of options! You can start your job search through our New York Eastern Region program. We will take care to profitably submit information on your resume, cover letters, interviews and communication skills.

Question: Do you conduct test interviews?

We offer trial interviews with our partner employers. We collaborate with more than 50 organizations, many of which are on the Fortune 500 list. Our consultants will also conduct trial interviews with you to help prepare for real interviews.

You can ask your Upwardly Global questions through the feedback form in this article or by contacting the company's representatives directly by phone or by mail, indicated below. Please note that in order to qualify for the program, you need to know English at an intermediate level. Company representatives will only consider questions written in English.

Ask your question Upwardly Global

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