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As an immigrant, use your previous education to get a license and federal job in New York State

America is sometimes called a country of opportunity because of the abundance of leading academic institutions and the turbulent free-market economy, which constantly requires experienced and high-level professionals. The labor market is constantly growing and changing. However, foreign students and newly arrived immigrants may encounter certain obstacles along the way.

First of all, it is difficult for them to understand the US educational system and understanding of its basic principles. Of course, for a person who is not fluent in English, this may seem like an overwhelming task, but all the points listed below can be a point of reference on the way to confirming your education. Your ultimate goal will be to obtain a certificate, license, so necessary to get a job at the city or federal level. Well, as they say in good time!

1. Foreign students, graduates, and job seekers in the United States usually need to test their academic skills if they want to continue their studies at a US university, enlist in military service, or get a job. Often they hope that it can be done for free. Unfortunately, although the US government offers a number of useful programs for immigrants, the assessment of foreign diplomas is not one of them. You must pay all costs associated with the confirmation of your diplomas yourself. On average, the price for this service may fluctuate within 180-450 dollars. The amount of payment depends on the number of pages, items and accompanying documentation for diplomas.

2. Before you send your diplomas for evaluation (this is the assessment of the education you received in your homeland, conducted in accordance with American standards), you need to prepare certified translations from the official language of the country where you studied to English. If you brought a translation made in your home with you, it will not be counted until it is not certified by an American notary. Sometimes this assurance can be obtained free of charge at a bank that serves your financial transactions. If this service is not suitable for you, contact any pharmacy. Assurance usually costs $ 2-3 per page. Remember that a notary stamp is required on each page of the attached document.

3. Not every agency has the right to evaluate and recalculate subjects and grades in your previous education. Some agencies offer to do the so-called accreditation. Unfortunately, this type of private accreditation does not have any legal force in obtaining a professional license or certificate in the state of New York. As a rule, this procedure is expensive, but useless.

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4. In order to resolve this issue correctly, you need to do an evaluation in one of five agencies (preferably in the territory of the State of New York) that have been accredited and recognized by the New York City Department of Administrative Services, as well as legal organizations that have the right to issue a license or a New York State certificate for your work. You can read general evaluation guidelines by link.

5. Each of these agencies follows the general rules of accreditation and strictly adheres to standards that are governed by the laws of the State of New York. At the same time, they have their own specifics in serving candidates for a particular specialization. There is no universal formula where it is better to apply, since it depends on the certificate or specialty you are trying to get.

6. In the agency you can order:

a) a general assessment of your knowledge, as a result of which you will be assigned your degree of education in accordance with American standards;

b) you can also get a detailed analysis of your education with an indication of the subjects and the average score equivalent to a four-point system of the American education system;

c) alternatively, you can recalculate the classes required for passing the educational requirements in addition to the test for city or federal work.

7. Sometimes, some city departments can give you a free recount of the subjects that you studied at the university, and of your education, but unfortunately, they only partially recount this recount.

As a rule, they take into account only those subjects that relate exclusively to your license, and do not recount general disciplines or additional courses. Because of this approach, you will be made an incomplete evaluation of your education, and you will receive lower wages, since the level of remuneration depends on education, and a specialist with a better education always gets more.

8. As practice has shown, it is more profitable to make a detailed evaluation of education received in the homeland. In this case, it can be used for different exams for urban work and get at least one license.

9. Remember: all licenses and certificates in the state of New York are issued only on an individual basis. Our company develops for each person an individual way to obtain a certificate or license of the State of New York, which will help to get a federal or city job.

Unfortunately, the framework of this article does not allow to describe in detail the specifics of this process, so we invite everyone to free training on the subject of obtaining urban and federal work, which will be held 9 February in 5 hours of the evening at: Art Easy Learning, Corp 1799 West 6th Street Brooklyn, NY 11223.

At this training, you will hear more detailed information about what kind of license or certificate you can get in New York State and where you should apply. In addition, all participants in the training will be given away a free list of addresses of all accredited agencies.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form on our website. You can write in Russian.

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