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How an immigrant managed to avoid closure and expand her business in the United States during quarantine

For several years now, the beauty business has not left the ratings of the most profitable entrepreneurship ideas for women in the United States. Anna Ishutina, the founder of the most successful permanent makeup school in New York, during the quarantine was able not only to keep her business afloat there, but also to open a second school in Miami. Now she is helping Florida women learn a new and exciting profession that allows them to make good money both during and after the crisis.

Photo from the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

Every woman wants to look beautiful. Even during a pandemic and total closure. This fact allows the multi-billion dollar beauty industry to live and flourish in America. Millions of specialists - from hairdressers to permanent make-up masters - make up for the demand for these services, realize themselves creatively and at the same time earn very good money.

Anna Ishutina, founder of the school of permanent makeup Tian, can confirm this from his own experience. A native of Belarus has come a long way from working as a master to the opening of two salon schools in New York and Miami. Her story is not a confluence of circumstances or useful acquaintances, but work and patience.

Anya never thought about what she would "bring beauty" to the girls' faces. The plans included training in business administration and work in marketing, and behind the back - an incomplete education of a lawyer, translator and a Fashion Designer diploma.

Anna was interested in permanent makeup by her mother, who personally showed how you can earn $ 300-400 dollars for 3 hours of work, having professional skills.

Anna got fired up with the idea of ​​becoming a permanent makeup master, but not finding a suitable school in the United States, she went to study in Europe and attended schools in Italy, Estonia, as well as in Russia and Belarus.

This later pushed the girl to open a school in America, because the United States needed a quality education in the field of permanent makeup.

Photo from the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

Then there was a practice in New York and hundreds of satisfied clients. And when the idea to open an educational institution was finally strengthened, Anya spent several years on additional education and obtaining the necessary license to open a school.

“We just wanted to do everything right and according to the law. When the entire legal part was ready, we rented a room in Brooklyn and began to invest minimal money in advertising. The investor was not attracted, ”says the girl.

In 2015, the school TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio opened its doors to the first students and became the only one in America where teaching is conducted in two languages ​​- English and Russian.

Classes are held at the school twice a month, the rest of the time it works as a beauty salon, where Anna's students make a permanent make-up for their clients.

Photo from the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

In 2019, Anya thought about opening a second school. The choice of location was obvious for her - Miami, because most of her students flew to study in New York from Florida.

“In Miami, permanent makeup is even more necessary than anywhere else: everyone goes to a pool party, which means that indelible eyebrows and eyelashes will be in demand. Plus, it's always sunny in Florida and paint fades quickly, ”explained Anna.

The search for a place took time, since Ishutina did not focus on the Russian regions, but chose between Fort Lauderdeil and South Beach - areas where Americans live with a good level of income.

“The choice fell on the Fort. I would even say that the place found us. I just drove by a building that was being rented, called on the phone ... and voila! " - explains the girl.

Then began shopping and preparations for the opening. Anya literally lived between two cities all year.

She flew to Miami to supervise the work on the salon, and returned to New York to give classes and procedures for her clients.

“Often I finished at 12 at night and went to bed right in the salon, because my next client was scheduled for 7 am. I got used to it and even equipped a full-fledged bed in the office, ”the school founder laughs.

Photo from the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

Salon school in Miami was opened in March this year 2 weeks before the start of quarantine. Of course, no one knew that due to the rapid spread of the virus, almost all businesses would be closed.

According to Ani, she and the team confidently coped with this situation. Immediately after the opening of the salons, on June 1, they began to recruit students for a school in Miami and by now have already released the first stream.

“When the pandemic began, we mentally began to prepare for the closure of the salon school in New York. It was there that the largest number of sick people was. People have lost their jobs, and hence their income. Who will come to us at such a difficult time, I thought. But, surprisingly, our website traffic has increased. Women began to take an active interest in teaching the permanent. After many lost their jobs (and the schools were canceled for children), everyone began to look for an occupation that would allow them to earn money without leaving their homes. The beauty sphere is the most obvious solution. If you know how to do something with your own hands, you will always be in business. At the same time, you do not need to work “for someone” from 9 to 5 five days a week, ”explains Anna.

It was then that Anna finally decided to launch online courseI dreamed about for the last 5 years. She had already tried to do such a course, but decided that without practice in the salon, full training would be impossible.

“Due to the quarantine and the boom in online learning, we got together and nevertheless organized an online program. It turned out great! Course consists of 15 lessons. We give a lot of homework that is done on paper and latex. After passing the theory, our students have the option to fly to New York or Miami to practice their skills under my supervision, ”Ishutina explained.

Photo from the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

Online course costs $ 399, and one day of offline training is $ 1. By purchasing a course online, you will save a lot, because studying at a school in an offline format will cost $ 050. But even then Anna decided to enter the situation of her clients and offers a quarantine discount - now you can complete the entire course for $ 5.

Anna does not take more than four people to teach. Most often, 1-2 people undergo practice at the same time, which allows the founder of the school to put a hand to each student.

"Our school offers 24/7 support for the rest of your life. We have a general chat on WhatsApp. My students can always write to me or ask a question in the chat, where if I don't react quickly, then one of the students will answer. Plus, you can bring your first clients to our school so that I can look after how you work, ”says Ishutina.

Photo from the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

According to Anna, there are no restrictions on getting an education in the field of permanent makeup. She teaches students of all ages - from 18 to 60 years old. Among the students - many women have already retired and decided to learn a new interesting business.

“The main thing is the desire to work and study. I'll put my hand down. I will give all the knowledge! And I’ll even tell you where and how to find your first clients. I am very interested in my students becoming successful masters! " - says Anna.

The founder of the school clarifies that many American women are already in the subject and are looking for Russian-speaking masters. They know that this will be a quality work, because our girls are the best masters in the field of beauty.

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