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As an immigrant from Azerbaijan opened a cosmetics factory in the USA

Tunzala Eynulla 15 emigrated to Massachusetts from Azerbaijan years ago, winning the lottery Greencard. Having started life from scratch and from the bottom of the career ladder, today she is a chemical engineer, the founder of her own company.

Photo from the archive of the heroine

- Having moved with my family to the USA in 2000, we experienced a real culture shock - we were simply not ready for life in another country, - we recall Tunzal in an interview - We did not even know the basic things: how to pay for utilities, how to get children to school, how to get health insurance and a document for the right to work in this country. We didn't even have anyone to turn to for help. The worst thing is probably to be in the dark.

My first job after my arrival - I was printing documents in one company. I paid $ 275 to a "Russian agency" to get me this job. I remember being asked at an interview if I use "drug", to which I replied: "Of course," thinking that "drug" is a drug. The man who interviewed me asked twice, and I again confirmed my answer. Then he was forced to invite a Russian-speaking employee, who simply translated for me a question that sounded like this: "Do you use drugs?" Later I was often jokingly reminded of this incident.

In the early years of immigration, I learned to be more restrained and tolerant: I learned to accept people as they are, and not as I imagine them to be. I learned not to condemn anyone and always try to find a common language with everyone around me.

I am a chemical engineer by profession. In 1979, I entered the ASI at the Faculty of Chemical Technology. I fell in love with chemistry in high school and I still have this feeling. My father was a veterinarian. He, like my mother, persuaded me to apply to the Medical Institute. But I nevertheless decided to enter AZI.

I have changed several places of work against my will. I was fired from work or the company just closed. In America, this often happens.

The management of the company can reduce workers, and then after a few months, call back or not call at all. Despite such cases, I have always fully invested in the work. Working as a teacher of physics and chemistry at school, I often conducted interesting experiments with my students. Once, my students built a roller coaster high slide. They were so passionate about the process that they came to school before me. We also made soap, which the children then took home and gave to their parents for Christmas. I really like the theory of Springfield in the school system, which I have been doing since 2005. Children also like it, since we combine theory with practice, which is always interesting.

Photo from the archive of the heroine

In January, I started my 2012 business., which includes everything I love - chemistry, creativity, freedom, health and, of course, people. At first my company name was Dilaura Soap, but this year I renamed it Dilaura Naturals. I didn't want people to think I was only making soap. Before starting my own business, I worked for a long time in a company that produces various solutions for agriculture, medical institutions: liquid soaps, deodorants, dishwashers, etc. In this job, I lacked the most important thing - research work and the use of natural ingredients.

Dilaura Naturals produces cosmetics for hair, skin, body, made only from organic and natural oils. I use pomegranate oil, rose thorn rose oil, sesame oil, shea butter, rice oil and many others.

Every year the number of consumers using natural cosmetics in America is growing exponentially. Components in chemical cosmetics cause various diseases, such as cancers of the breast, liver, and skin diseases that progress among children. Once I even held a seminar where I talked about the shampoos of well-known companies and what chemicals they add to their products.

I like the process itself, but the result also inspires me. I enjoy getting positive feedback on my products from buyers. A creative person needs freedom, both in thinking and in time, so that he can create. Ideas do not always come when you want or expect it, they are sometimes spontaneous.

Photo from the archive of the heroine

Daughters are always with me. The eldest, Elnara, graduated from the masters in economics in health care and works as a senior researcher at a consulting company in the pharmaceutical industry. The middle daughter Rosa graduated from the faculty of international relations at Boston University. Now she is studying in a magistracy for a business administrator and works in one of the companies. Rosa, by the way, is Azerbaijan’s chess champion. We know all the members of the national team and, of course, are very upset by the loss of Vugar Gashimov. And the youngest daughter graduated from Boston College. She is engaged in the production of films on television.

Photo from the archive of the heroine


I have something to be proud of. My daughters are educated and realize themselves in life. I was able to start my own business, which every year becomes more and more popular. I am often invited to various events, business conferences. By the way, I recently received an offer from Belgium to purchase the entire line of my natural cosmetics. It is very significant for me.

I'm happy. Life itself put everything in its place, and the difficulties that were at first were just a test for us, which we went through.

Top tip - don't hesitate to work in low-paying jobs, you are starting life from scratch. The most important thing is to learn the language. Without a good command of English, getting a job, even if you have a university degree, is very problematic. I thought I knew the language when I came to America. It turned out not. I could speak, but I did not understand what they were telling me. It's good that Americans are a patient people. Never give up, no matter how your life develops. The older generation, of course, find it more difficult to adapt, but age is not a reason not to dream and not follow your dream.

In Azerbaijan, unfortunately, the last time I was in 2004 year. But I don’t lose my connection with my own. I promise my relatives all the time that I will come to visit them, but it does not work at all. Although my three daughters were in Azerbaijan in March last year.

Few families from Azerbaijan live in Massachusetts. Three families live not far from our house, with whom we have been friends for many years. Sometimes students also come here. We also invite them to our meetings. The last big party was in March this year on Novruz holiday. I believe that remembering your roots and being able to express yourself in the language of the society in which you live is respect for the people and their culture. A strong lobby abroad is the support and support of your homeland!

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