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How do immigrants participate in the New York Census and why is it important

The census of 12 was officially launched in New York on March 2020, for the first time you can take part in it not only personally, but also online or by telephone.

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New Yorkers can fill out online questionnaire censuses in any of 13 available languages, including Russian. Telephone census also suggests language choices. If you want to take the survey in English, call 844-330-2020, in Russian - 844-417-2020. Calls to these numbers are completely free. A complete list of languages ​​can be found. on the website.

You can also answer questions by mail. Most New Yorkers at the beginning of March received an invitation to take part in a census with instructions on how to do this online or over the phone. In early April, the Census Bureau began sending letters with printed questionnaires to those who had not yet completed the online questionnaire. You can fill out a printed application form and send it to: US Census Bureau, National Processing Center, 100 Logistics Avenue, Jeffersonville, IN 47144.

Please note: if the sender's address does not coincide with the above, and the questionnaire has questions about your social security number, bank account, political preferences or requests to pay some kind of fee or donate, this is a fraudulent letter and a reply to it, and even more so submit your data is not worth it.

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In addition, the US Census Bureau published an explanation of the process of collecting and processing information during the census in 59 languages. It is available here (the language can be selected in the upper right corner, in addition to English, there, among others, Russian and Ukrainian are available).

What is important to know about the census

There are no questions in the questionnaire related to immigration status or citizenship.

The questionnaire consists of only 10 questions, and none of them relates to employment, income or social security number. A complete list of questions and an explanation of why each of them is needed can be found at link.

The census is intended for everyone, regardless of immigration status or housing situation. New Yorkers living with friends, family members, roommates, other families, or even in illegal housing units can and should participate in the 2020 census.

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