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As an immigrant from Belarus, I earned as a child $ 3000 over the weekend and became a millionaire

A native of Bobruisk, Gennady Vaynerchuk, in his childhood, was selling lemonade, and as a teenager he was selling baseball cards: then over the weekend he could earn thousands of dollars. In 14 years he began to take part in the affairs of the family alcohol company Wine Library. And after graduating from college, in five years I increased my business turnover from $ 3 million to $ 60 million.

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Gaining speed, he did not stop. Today Vaynerchuk (now, however, not Gennady, but Gary) is one of the most interesting, inventive and influential businessmen of America. He owns and manages the VaynerMedia SMM agency, which, moreover, acts as a co-founder of the Vayner / RSE investment fund with a capital of $ 25 million. His name appeared on the Fortune, Crainʼs and New York Times lists of outstanding entrepreneurs.

And Gary Vaynerchuk leads a video blog about wine, tasting it live. In 2009, he wrote a bestseller “Do it! Why now is the time to get rich by doing what you love most ”and came in second place in the New York Times’s list of the most popular bestsellers. About how Belarusians in the states are able to become number one - in the magazine kyky.

In the era of YouTube, alcohol consumption on camera is condemned by the whole world. But Gary Vaynerchuk went against the rules. He began to taste wine with knowledge and gained worldwide fame for it. The co-owner of his father's wine shop called Wine Library (Vinoteca), located in Springfield, New Jersey, has been leading a video blog since February 2006. Gary raises people's level of knowledge about wine by posting videos online almost every day. His blog is called Wine Library TV (TV Wines), but the essence would be better reflected the name "Wine Geek raged." A native of Bobruisk adds liveliness and movement to the usual fresh business according to the assessment of “Shiraz” and “Merlot”.

For a dozen years, the Vaynerchuk show has become mandatory for viewing for underground television: five episodes appear on the network every week and each of them has about 30 000 views. Gary is the first wine guru in the era of streaming video, and the cult of Vaynerchuk is gaining momentum: reviews of the Time newspaper, participation in popular American talk shows like Late Night With Conan O'Brien.

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Vaynerchuk and his Bobruisk business vein

A native of Belarus, Gary Vaynerchuk (Gennady at birth) moved to the USA with his parents at the age of three. While his father, Alexander Vaynerchuk, began work in a small wine cellar, his son cut flowers from his neighbors and sold “for cheap” in another quarter, and also was engaged in the traditional business for American children - selling lemonade in the summer. Becoming a teenager, Gary was engaged in the resale of collectible baseball cards. He admits that he managed to sell rare cards, earning $ 2000-3000 over the weekend. Later, the father drew attention to the entrepreneurial talent of his son and invited him into his business.


“I forced literally all friends to work for me” - entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk about his biographies. Young Vaynerchuk developed a business selling lemonade.

I had 8 stands with lemonade all over Edison. I rode a bike between them and collected the proceeds. Almost like Tony Soprano.

“If you have 13, you have several thousand dollars hidden under a mattress and you don’t sell marijuana, then you’re doing something right,” Vainerchuk believes.

The life of a young entrepreneur was spoiled by his father. A very loud match was approaching, and Vaynerchuk was preparing a collection of cards for sale. My father entered the room and said that today and the next weekend, Gary would break ice in his shop.

I cried 40 minutes in a row - all the way from home to the store. Then I asked how much I would get. "$ 2 per hour." And then I cried even harder.

The following year and a half every weekend and all holidays Vaynerchuk spent in the basement of his father's shop. The working day lasted 10 hours, the salary was $ 20 per day. In comparison with the previous earnings of an entrepreneur, this was a complete failure.

“My life changed when I was 16,” says the entrepreneur. Every day people came to his father's shop and asked for the same bottle of wine. Vaynerchuk found out that this wine was well responded in the magazine Wine Spectator. “All these people came, asked exactly about this wine and left. I could not understand why we do not make them our customers. ”

And Vaynerchuk got the idea to create a system of pre-orders. All customers who asked about the wine, which was not, he offered to leave contacts and payment. Then he called back when the wine went to the store.

A week later, a man entered the store and asked for the same wine from the Wine Spectator. I asked how much he needed. He replied - 6 mailboxes. I thought, "Hmm, an alcoholic." And he was a collector.

“Then I realized that there is a separate layer of people who like not only to drink, but also to collect wine,” says Vaynerchuk.


When Gary joined his father, the wine shop was not yet popular. Even the name was bulky - Shopper's Discount Liquors. Vaynerchuk Jr. quickly realized that connoisseurs of rare wines are very similar to collectors of baseball cards. Gary read out books on winemaking during school lessons, and went to work with his father on weekends. In 1997, Gary convinced his father of the usefulness of the Internet in his business, personally rebranding and created the company's website. So began the history of the Wine Library. In five years, the annual profit increased from $ 4 million to $ 60 million, and the popularity of the project soared to incredible heights.

“A new crop of wines appears every year, like a new series of baseball cards”

In 2006, Gary decided to open his daily video blog. “The reason why I created the Wine Library? “I learned to tell stories about wines like no one had done before,” he says. - A new crop appears every year, like a new series of baseball cards. This is collecting. The only difference is in form. ”

Gary's first episode of the program was recorded at the office of the Wine Library in Springfield. The 1001 release also appeared there. In the series, which usually lasts for 20 minutes, Vaynerchuk makes wine reviews, giving such a vivid description that you can understand the taste without sipping it. Gary begins each review with a loud “Hello, everybody!” And separate pronunciation of the surname “Wai-ner-chuk!”. Each issue has its own theme: a separate series is devoted to the grape variety or region of origin.

The process of tasting includes a lot of alcohol inside, spinning the wine in the glass, loud otlibyvaniya and subsequent spitting.

After a series of comparisons (for example, for $ 60 red Tuscan, he said it smelled like a runner’s dirty socks after a marathon) Gary announces the price for a bottle. Moreover, he calls the price in bones, not in dollars: “I would rate this bottle in 15 pits”.

To an outside observer it may seem that the whole idea of ​​sniffing a glass, incomprehensible gestures, sharp breaths and sublime speeches is a complete mess and a farce.

But Vaynerchuk himself is not against the image of a rebel. “Well, don't I intend to change the world of wine?” He says. Gary obsessively assesses unknown types of inexpensive wines. Of course, his show also included high-quality varieties - Bordeaux of the first harvest, Burgundy and others. Some of them he scolded for the quality, others appreciated highly. In addition to the unusual choice of varieties, the show is remembered by interesting comparisons of flavors and flavors: the smell of one wine Weinerchuk compares with “a drop of Chinese Oolong tea on a silver spoon”, and the aftertaste of another - with a “good dark chocolate bar with 80% cocoa content”.

Gary Vaynerchuk does not destroy the culture of wine perception; He independently and enthusiastically invites the audience to this culture. For Belarusians - residents of a country where, in principle, there is no culture of wine consumption - the success of Vaynerchuk is doubly pleasant.

List wines that Vaynerchuk recommends using while you make a career.

  • (2010) Shannon Ridge Home Ranch Cabernet Savignon. The light notes of Malbec are great for long nights searching for jobs on LinkedIn.
  • (2009) Enoforum Alente Premium. A mixture of Trincadeira and Tempranillo (grape varieties) in Portuguese. Perfect for pouring into glasses with your half and for a long time discussing possible career prospects.
  • (2011) Toasted Head Chardonnay. Aged in oak barrels. Good and simple wine, which is not ashamed to take with you to a party in a new working group.
  • (2011) Folie A Deux Chardonnay Russian River Valley. A good gift to the person who recommended you to the current position.
  • (2009) Greg Norman Malbec. From an Australian winemaker living in Argentina. Quality gift for an important business partner.
  • (2009) Four Vines The Biker Zinfandel. An excellent choice of wine for serving barbecues in nature with your colleagues.
  • (2010) Soho Pinot Noir White Label. Originally from Marlborough, New Zealand. Your choice if you want to make an impression during a dinner party with a new candidate for a position in your company.
  • (2010) Rijckaert Chardonnay Vignes Des Voises. The very same gift that you have been looking for so long for your business partner, who also understands wine.
  • (2007) Molino Di Sant'antimo Brunello. 100% Sangiovese is exactly what you want to drink with your dearest person in honor of your new job.
  • (2010) Vina Leyda Las Brisas Vineyard Pinot Noir. From the Chilean Aconcagua. It is recommended to drink when replenishing your resume with new feats and achievements.
  • (2008) Zanzibar Casima Red. A blend of Cabernet, Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc, which will help you focus on the online hunt for new professionals.
  • (2007) Capezzana Carmignano DOCG. 80% Sangiovese and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. Forget about business, workplace, filling in a resume and portfolio. Just find this wine and drink it.
  • (2007) Taittinger Domaine Carneros Brut. Wine from sunny California. With bubbles! Drink it to celebrate the promotion of a new workplace.
  • (2010) Sportoletti Assisi Rosso. From Italian Umbria. You can send a bottle of this wine as a nice gift to your supervisor.
  • (2011) Estancia Merlot. Central Coast, California. In the case of a wine party in the office, try to save this bottle before Christmas.
  • (2009) Sierra Salinas Puerto Salinas. A pleasant mix of Monastrell, Garnachi and Cabernet. Present this wine to your interns who return to the university after summer practice. (Of course, if they are already adults).
  • (2009) Pujanza Hado Rioja. Aged in oak barrels for months 12. Buy this wine to your spouse or spouse if you want to apologize in advance for wasting your whole future for the laptop.
  • (2009) Villacreces Pruno. Tempranillo, Cabernet and Merlot. Drink it, discussing a business proposal, and your business will succeed.


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