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How Jewish communities in the USA and Canada helped Ukraine during two years of war

After February 24, Ukraine began its third year of testing and confrontation with Russian aggression. From the first days of the Russian invasion Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) mobilized all their resources to help Ukrainians and Jewish communities in Ukraine.

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Since the start of the emergency fundraising campaign, Jewish communities in the United States and Canada have raised more than $96 million. Thanks to these funds, 507 thousand people received humanitarian assistance, and 130 thousand received medical assistance. 354 tons of clothing and 703 thousand food packages and lunches were distributed, 4000 specialists were trained in how to provide medical and mental health care. More than 30 thousand people received psychological help.

Jewish Federations of North America among other things, helped tens of thousands of Ukrainians obtain immigrant status in the United States and the benefits they were entitled to.

Since the outbreak of hostilities, the JFNA quickly established a center to train volunteers to help refugees. More than 200 Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking charity volunteers were sent to Poland, Hungary, Moldova, the Czech Republic and Spain.

And today, the JFNA volunteer center continues to train such people to provide psychological assistance to both refugees from Ukraine and employees and volunteers of various non-profit organizations. In addition, the center launched a new program to find volunteers willing to help Ukrainian refugees learn English.

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"For many decades Jewish Federations of North America built a system of assistance in case of emergencies and natural disasters. But the challenges and challenges we have faced in recent years have not been seen since the end of World War II,” said JFNA President and CEO Eric Fingerhut. “The fact that we were able to help people under these conditions once again proved the potential and capabilities of the Jewish Federations.”

“Although Israel's war with Hamas and the reconstruction of Israel after the October 7 massacre have become the main priority for Jewish federations, the Jewish community in Ukraine still needs our support. We are determined to continue to provide whatever is needed in cooperation with our main partners - the Jewish Agency, the JDC and World ORT - be it humanitarian assistance, assistance to refugees and displaced persons, support for aliyah and the provision of Jewish community life for children and families in war zones " Fingerhut said.

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