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What your resume should look like in 2019

For smart job seekers, a resume is an opportunity to prove their candidacy, get a higher salary, and convince any hiring manager that they will make a big mistake if they don't hire you.

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Edition Time money has teamed up with Dana Leavey-Detrick, founder of Brooklyn Resume Studio, to help you become one of the job seekers. Here's how to write the perfect resume - below is a free resume template that you can download and use for your next interview.

(Renewal of the design courtesy of Dana Leavy-Detrick; Click here for a free downloadable template.).

[1] Best Resume Format

When it comes to updating the format and design, choose a clean layout. A recent study from the job site Ladders showed that the update using the so-called F-pattern and E-pattern layouts keep the recruiter's attention longer than those that are aligned in the center or from right to left.

There isn't one particular “best” font for a resume. According to Leavey-Detrick, you should use the same font style, but you can play with different weights and sizes to draw the recruiter's attention to key parts of your resume. Sans serif fonts usually work best - Franklin Gothic, Calibri, and Avenir (the latter of which Money CNN used for the attached template) are the third of Leavey-Detrick's favorites.

[2] Highlight your resume

If you are applying for a job in the investment banking industry, you should not submit a bright pink resume. But subtle shades of color will suit almost everyone.

“Minimalism gives a bit of a design element,” says Livi-Detrick.

If you use color, “use it sparingly,” she warns. "Stick to one color and one shade that will print well."

[3] Add a skills section to your resume.

The top of your resume should contain «critical keywords and an overview of your key strengths, ”says Livi-Detrick.

Strong skills and qualities that can be easily measured have an advantage here, so highlight them accordingly. If you work in the field of high technology, employers want to see experience in the field of software and programming in your resume.

[4] Prepare a resume that will impact

The expert suggests adding resume skills that can help solve the “problem area” for the company to which you are applying.

[5] What should not be specified in the summary

Be mindful of the content - don't list wage requirements, use tables or columns, and don't check a box on every job you've ever done. The same goes for social media profiles. If your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds are not relevant to the job you are applying for, it is probably best not to list them on your resume.

[6] Choose keywords to create the best resume for each job.

Do not make the mistake of answering each job with the same generalized resume. Instead, take a few extra minutes to insert keywords and phrases in your job ad. You will have a much better chance of completing the next round of recruitment, especially if candidate tracking system (a computer program designed to exclude candidates) has anything to do with this.

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