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How long do I need to wait for a visa in the US for residents of post-Soviet countries

If you plan to visit the United States, it is important to take care of applying for an American visa in advance. Consular Affairs Bureau US Department of State provides an opportunity to find out how long it will take to receive a non-immigrant visa for a temporary visit to the United States for residents of post-Soviet countries and what else is worth considering in preparation.

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How long does it take to wait for an interview

The estimated time for waiting for an interview at the US Embassy or Consulate may change weekly and depends on the actual workload and number of employees. Approximate estimates will help to orient, but do not guarantee that the meeting will happen exactly after the specified time.


U.S. Embassy in Russia (Moscow)

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  • Tourist (guest) visa - 300 calendar days
  • Student / Exchange Visa - 2 calendar days
  • Other types of nonimmigrant visas - 2 calendar days

Consulate General of the USA (Ekaterinburg)

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  • Tourist (guest) visa - 90 calendar days
  • Student / Exchange Visa - 1 calendar day
  • Other types of nonimmigrant visas - 1 calendar day

US Consulate General (Vladivostok)

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  • Tourist (guest) visa - 10 calendar days
  • Student / Exchange Visa - 1 calendar day
  • Other types of nonimmigrant visas - 10 calendar days


U.S. Embassy in Ukraine (Kiev)

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  • Tourist (guest) visa - 19 calendar days
  • Student / Exchange Visa - 1 calendar day
  • Other types of nonimmigrant visas - 1 calendar day


U.S. Embassy in Belarus (Minsk)

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  • Tourist (guest) visa - 65 calendar days
  • Student / Exchange Visa - 65 calendar days
  • Other types of nonimmigrant visas - 65 calendar days


U.S. Embassy in Georgia (Tbilisi)

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  • Tourist (guest) visa - 17 calendar days
  • Student / Exchange Visa - 2 calendar days
  • Other types of nonimmigrant visas - 17 calendar days


US Embassy and Consulate in Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan)

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  • Tourist (guest) visa - 21 calendar days
  • Student / Exchange Visa - 10 calendar days
  • Other types of nonimmigrant visas - 14 calendar days

Other types of non-immigrant visas do NOT include K or V visas, as well as A, G and NATO visas.

Expedited procedure

Consular offices may schedule an expedited interview date if an urgent, unforeseen situation arises: a funeral, a medical emergency, or the start of schooling. The process for requesting an expedited nonimmigrant visa varies by region. Study the website of the visa department of the embassy or consulate where you will be interviewed - as a rule, the specifics of the procedure are indicated there. You will need to provide proof that an earlier appointment is required.

In all cases, you must first file an online visa application (DS-160), pay the registration fee, and schedule the first available interview. Only after that the consular department will consider your request for an expedited meeting.

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Note. Trips to attend weddings and graduations, to assist pregnant relatives, to attend an annual business / academic / professional conference, or last-minute trips do not entitle you to an expedited visa application process. In these cases, plan your trip and interview in advance.

Administrative processing

There are only two possible results: the consular officer will issue a visa or refuse to issue it. If the applicant has not confirmed that he is entitled to a visa, the consular officer must reject the application. However, some rejected applications may require additional administrative processing (this will be discussed at the end of the interview). The processing time will vary depending on the individual circumstances of each case.

At the end of the administrative review period, the consular officer may conclude that the applicant is now entitled to the visa for which he or she has applied, or still does not have that right. Therefore, it is highly advisable to apply for a visa well in advance, long before the expected date of travel.

Important notice: unless traveling in an emergency (for example, serious illness, injury or death in the family), before asking questions about the state of administrative proceedings, applicants must wait at least 180 days from the date of the interview or the submission of additional documents, in depending on what happened later.

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Additional time

Information on the waiting time for processing a non-immigrant visa does not include the time required for administrative processing, as well as the time required to return the passport to applicants by courier or local postal system.

It is important to carefully review all the information on the visa section of the embassy or consulate to find out about local procedures and instructions, such as how to book an interview, or how to proceed if you are a student, exchange guest or need an earlier visa interview.

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