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How to cheap cure your teeth in New York

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America is famous for its expensive doctors and lawyers. Their services are among the most expensive in the States. Health insurance is not difficult to get or buy, but it does not include dentist services. This is a separate insurance. I didn't have her at work, and I didn't really want to spend $ 5000 on a dentist, so I started looking for something, writes Andrey Boychuk in an article for Immigrant porada.

I found a public dental office (to be honest, I didn't find it, but my wife), where you pay $ 15 per visit. Well, as a normal person, I, of course, went through all the options in my head: how reliable is it and in general - whether this person knows how to treat teeth.

$ 15 for a visit to the dentist ?! This is not money at all if at least $ 200 is taken for the seal. By the way, by a visit to the doctor, I mean everything that needs to be done with one tooth (remove or treat).

My experience of visiting a state dentist

Only on the fourth visit, they began to treat my teeth there, because on the first one they scanned, on the second there was diagnostics and identification of problem teeth, on the third - cleaning.

So I have already treated the 3 tooth and, like a guinea pig that always tries something new, I can easily say that community doctors are not very different from private ones, which, of course, are much more expensive.

The equipment is all new and modern (believe me, I know, because I go to the dentist as on a holiday). Dentists, though young, are professional. In short, I am satisfied. Therefore, if you have no money or do not want to spend hundreds on these services, go to such a department in your area and treat there.

What do you need?

1. Find a branch located in New York closest to where you live.

2. Make appointment.

3. Bring with you:

  • A document confirming your address. This may be a phone bill, cable TV, gas, electricity and so on.
  • A copy of the last two checks from work.
  • ID or driver's license.

The list of hospitals where this service is provided:


Coney Island

2601 Ocean Parkway

Brooklyn, New York

11235 (718) 616-3000



Queens hospital

82-68 164th Street

Jamaica, New York

11432 (718) 883-3000




462 First Avenue

New York, New York 10016

(212) 562-5555

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