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How often citizens of post-Soviet countries are denied American visas

US Consular Service annually publishes statistics on refusals to foreigners in obtaining American visas. What percentage of citizens of post-Soviet countries were unable to obtain a nonimmigrant visa in 2020?

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The official website of the US Consular Service published document with statistics of nonimmigrant visa refusals to citizens of all countries in 2020.

According to US immigration law, a visa must be refused if the applicant cannot establish his eligibility, either because the application does not meet the requirements of the established visa category, or if there is a reason for disqualification due to other aspects of the visa case.

A visa refusal in this case is a formal refusal to issue a nonimmigrant visa by a US consular officer acting under the Immigration and Citizenship Act.

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Statistics of denials of nonimmigrant visas to citizens of the former USSR in 2020:

  • Armenia - 56,47% of refusals
  • Azerbaijan - 26,41% refusals
  • Belarus - 27,01% of refusals
  • Georgia - 66,91% of refusals
  • Kazakhstan - 47,34% of refusals
  • Kyrgyzstan - 65,60% of refusals
  • Latvia - 23,01% refusals
  • Lithuania - 21,96% bounce rate
  • Moldova - 51% of refusals
  • Russia - 17,79% of refusals
  • Tajikistan - 59,55% of refusals
  • Turkmenistan - 58,55% refusals
  • Ukraine - 43,14% of refusals
  • Uzbekistan - 74,14% of refusals
  • Estonia - 32,65% of bounce rates

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10 countries of the world whose citizens were most often denied a nonimmigrant visa in 2020:

  • Comoros - 86,15% bounce rate
  • Iran - 85,88% bounce rate
  • Libya - 80,90% bounce rate
  • Mauritania - 80,15% bounce rate
  • Burundi - 77,72% bounce rate
  • Yemen - 76,66% bounce rate
  • Uzbekistan - 74,14% of refusals
  • Somalia - 71,76% bounce rates
  • Laos - 70,57% bounce rate
  • Djibouti - 69,79% bounce rate

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