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How to quickly and guaranteed to get the medical profession in the US

Listeners School Concord Rusam. Photo:

Listeners School Concord Rusam. Photo:

ForumDaily I found out how to help Russian-speaking immigrants, who had previously had a medical education, continue their careers in medicine, as well as quickly and guaranteed to get medical specialties in demand in America; where to go to learn and what is needed for this.

School for all Russian-speaking residents of the United States

In New York, next to the "financial heart" of the city - Wall Street, in Lower Manhattan, at 160 Pearl St., is a licensed school of medical professions Concord rusam. The school was founded by the famous New York businessman, lawyer and philanthropist Yuri Kurashvili. 14 years ago, he decided to create an educational institution to help Russian-speaking immigrants who came to America.

“We strive to preserve the best that was in the education system on the“ former shores ”, with absolute observance of American rules and laws. The school’s reputation is built on this, ”the school’s founder said.

The founder of the school Concord Rusam Yuri Kurashvili. Photos from the personal archive

The founder of the school Concord Rusam Yuri Kurashvili. Photos from the personal archive

Zinaida Freink, a doctor, a teacher of the advanced training school from St. Petersburg, later became the principal of Concord Rusam, was involved in implementing this idea. Most Concord Rusam teachers know Russian, so they are always ready to explain complex material in the student’s native language. And to facilitate the perception and memorization of the material, teachers create their own original compressed booklets instead of voluminous textbooks.

The programs offered by the school can be divided into two areas: programs for those who already have medical educationreceived in countries of previous residence; and training programs for popular medical specialties "From scratch" (having only a high school diploma). A detailed list of programs can be found at:

Who can continue his medical career in America?

If you have a diploma doctor, paramedic, midwife or pediatric nurse, then you direct road to school Concord Rusam. For many years, people here have helped people who have given the medicine years of life in their homeland and do not see themselves in another field of activity “on this shore”.

“Honored people come to study with us: for example, the former director of the blood transfusion institute was finishing the retraining program; there were also the chief doctors of the hospitals; specialists with scientific degrees; professors who published scientific works and textbooks in their countries. But people, frankly, not very young, not knowing a high level of English, it is difficult to go to an American college. But they have tremendous experience in medicine and a great desire to continue working here in the medical field (if not as a doctor, but as a nurse, but this is my own, and this is a well-paid, reputable job). And we successfully help them in this, ”says the headmaster.

School director Zinaida Freink. Photo by Denis Cheredov

School director Zinaida Freink. Photo by Denis Cheredov

You can use your medical diploma and undergo a retraining program for medical workers, as a result of which you will receive a diploma "Nurse". And this is a solid level for status. Registered Nanny in America.

And if you graduated from the former country of residence, the Nurse program, then Concord Rusam School will help you immediately evaluate a diploma and prepare you for the Registered Nurse Lens exam.

Short reference

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income of nurses in America ranges from $ 51,000 to $ 71,000 per year. The nursing profession is becoming more popular every year. To date, more than 2,7 million representatives of this specialty have been registered, the well-known portal writes

According to job search site, a nurse’s salary averages $ 66,000. This is 15% higher than national salaries in most other specialties.

How to get medical specialties in demand in America

According to Zinaida Freink, today it is quite possible to get a specialty in the medical field in a short period of study and immediately get to work. Tuition fees are low. In the current market of paid educational services, such prices will pleasantly surprise many.

Concord Rusam School offers the following specialties: Nurse Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Electrocardiography Technician, Clinical Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Technician.

Students in school Concord Rusam. Photo:

Students in school Concord Rusam. Photo:

For those who have just arrived in America and are not yet fluent in English, there is a program Home Health Help (homematendant). The school is constantly evolving and following popular professions in the labor market: for example, over the past two years new programs have been opened here. Paralegal и Business Administrator.

Every year the school graduates more than 200 specialists. People from different states of America come to school. Certificates obtained at Concord Rusam make it possible to immediately get a job. It is very important that the school’s leadership ensures that each student passes the national exam in the school for almost all the specialties received.

Personal approach

The administration and the principal of the school approach each potential student individually, each is shown the school and is told about all the programs existing in Concord Rusam and about the opportunities and prospects of the future graduate.

“We have lecture halls, a library and a computer class, where you can come and study at any time. Practical classes are held in laboratories equipped with the necessary modern educational and medical equipment, ”says the director.

Here is the laboratory in the school. Photo by Denis Cheredov

Here is the laboratory in the school. Photo by Denis Cheredov

To help students, teachers developed unique teaching materials that explain complex issues in an accessible manner. So, by the end of the course, each graduate has his own textbook for repetition and consolidation of acquired knowledge.

“Some of our teachers themselves have completed a retraining program for nurses at Concord Rusam, have passed the Registered Nurse facial exam and are working in medical institutions in New York. Of course, they all have the teaching license of the New York State Department of Education. They know how to lucidly convey the material to the audience, to rebuild the "Soviet" thinking on the American. This will greatly help in passing the exam for RN, ”the director believes.

Especially to prepare for the exam at school equipped computer class, where each student can independently work out the tests.

“There are currently about 30 thousands of questions for the Registered Nurse Lens Exam. We have all these tests in a computer database, because our programs are approved by the New York State Department of Education, and we are constantly receiving new tests, ”Zinaida Freink specifies.

It is very important that the staff of Concord Rusam individually help all students to correctly fill out the documents and application for admission to the exam to obtain a nurse's line-up. Errors in official documents can lead to failure or delay in the evaluation process.

“Our students take an exam to get a nurse’s likeness from the first time in 90% -95% cases. Those who did not pass the exam on the first try can take the whole course again for free for a year, ”the director says.

Only in the state of New York can you take the exam for a nurse's life story without an English exam - TOEFL (as demanded by education departments in most states). Therefore, residents of other states, the school administration advises to apply in the state of New York. And then, without additional exams, you can exchange the New York Registered Nurse's licensense in the state where the applicants live or are going to work.

Grateful listeners

Elena Kotishevskaya, a doctor by training, now works as a nurse in one of the best hospitals in New York - Montefiore Hospital. In 2012, she enrolled in the retraining program for health workers in Concord Rusam.

“I went to study for a year and a half, without missing a single lesson, went for specific knowledge. “I received a nursing diploma and am grateful to this school, which really helped me to start a new life,” says Elena. - You know, the staff of this school has real parental attention. They give a direct path to people who do not know how to start a career in the United States. ”

Elena Kotishevskaya. Photo:

Elena Kotishevskaya. Photo:

School principal Concord Rusam told ForumDaily about the real advantages of the professional retraining program for health workers in Concord Rusam. This program allows you to save time and money.

After the retraining program, the school even helps the graduate to find work. Last year, the school introduced online training for residents of distant states through a retraining program.

At Concord, Rusam is always ready for dialogue and compromise on payment issues. For those who are not able to pay for their own tuition, Concord Rusam helps in obtaining an interest-free loan on favorable terms.

Concord Rusam graduates always remain thank teachers and school administrations that have helped many people start a new life in the United States.


I am eternally grateful to Concord Rusam school for my knowledge in the field of Medical Assistant, psychological support and assistance in finding employment. Dear teachers, a special thank you to you: how thoroughly you explained everything, what patience you showed.


Many thanks to the Concord Rusam School for helping me find myself in the medical profession. I am a doctor by training. She came to the US in 2005, with a medical degree, but with virtually no knowledge of English. I had to start from the very beginning: I worked in the medical office as a Medical Assistant and at the same time I studied at Concord Rusam school, which gave me the opportunity to pass the exam and get a nurse's license (Registered Nurse). I work in the hospital, in the maternity ward, 8 for years, very pleased.


Having many years of experience as a doctor, I was looking for an opportunity to find my place in the medical field. The only way for me was CONCORD RUSAM. For over two years I have been working at the Registered Nurse. I am very grateful to Yuri Kurashvili, the person who created CONCORD RUSAM, created an opportunity for me and many other people to get an excellent, respected profession, to find their place here in America. Thanks to all the school staff for your kindness and patience. Thanks to the COJECO and HFLS funds. All of you provide real help to people, give them hope and faith in yourself. I want to wish those who come after him - no doubt, this is the right, and perhaps the only way to medicine. Do not delay learning, you can study at CONCORD and develop your English in parallel without losing time.


I worked as a doctor for 18 for years and wanted to pass examinations for a doctor in America, pass a residency and then earn a decent amount of money. But I could not pass these exams. The wife (also a doctor) passed the exams, but she was not accepted for residency anywhere. And together we went to retraining for nurses at Concord Rusam, together we went here to the RN exam preparation class and both passed, only the wife at once, and I am the third time. And now both of them work with RN, they are satisfied and earn well. It turned out to be the most sensible way, it was necessary to follow it immediately, but we lost three years for nothing. Now we advise all immigrant friends to come to Concord Rusam and not to waste time.

Detailed information about the school’s programs can be found at:

You are always welcome at the school: 160 Pearl Street, 3 floor, New York, NY 10005. School Administration Phone: 212-619-2260, email address:

Do not waste your time and think about your successful future now.

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