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As if on another planet: in Florida, an incredibly beautiful park is hidden. A PHOTO

It can be a reservoir with the brightest blue water you have ever seen. You might think that this is about Hawaii, but in fact this beauty is hidden in central Florida in the park Rainbow Springs.

Фото: Depositphotos

The park is widely known to locals, but almost no one outside the state knows about its existence, writes Only in Your State.

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Historical evidence suggests that people used sources located in this park for 10 000 years.

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Initially, the reservoir was probably used as a source of water. Since water seeps into it from deep layers of the earth, it can be safely considered one of the cleanest on the planet.

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People now use this pool for kayaking, canoeing and swimming throughout the year. One of the most popular activities on the Rainbow River is tubing from the springs and downstream.

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Snorkeling here is allowed in a closed swimming area, but, unfortunately, diving is completely prohibited. Motorboat use is also limited, but non-motorized boats of all kinds are welcome on the river.

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In Rainbow Springs Park you can do much more than just visit the reservoir. If you like nature walks, then this is the perfect place. In the park you can find waterfalls, kilometers of walking trails and many species of birds that you can watch.

Фото: Depositphotos

The park is perfect for a family holiday, including pets.

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If you want to eat, you can easily find food trucks. You can bring your own food and use one of the coal grills for a picnic.

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As soon as you see this beautiful place, you will not want to leave. It seems that you are on another - brighter - planet, and along the water there are many serene places that will allow you to get closer to the wild.

Florida entertainment park Educational program

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