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Stanford, Harvard, Yale: how to get free courses from the best US universities

Learning is never late and always helpful. And thanks to modern technology, it has also become very convenient. Thanks to several online resources, everyone now has a chance to take courses from leading US universities for free. These institutions offer many courses in the form of video lectures, audio recordings and online quizzes. And some universities even provide access to a professor and allow them to interact with other students attending classes.

Stanford University. Photo: Depositphotos

Edition Techlicious collected a list of online resources, using which you can take training courses from the best US universities.

Stanford Online

Stanford University, California, offers students to study online. Classes are held on multiple platforms, allowing students to watch video lectures, participate in discussion forums, chat rooms, quizzes, and even take part in group projects. The site offers a wide range of courses (free and paid) - from cryptography to game theory. There are also courses on investing in the stock market and running your own business - things you can really use for the good of your family. Self-paced courses are also available. To view Stanford's collection of online courses, visit


The world-famous Harvard University has teamed up with the nearby MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to create an edX learning platform that offers free online courses. Many of the edX courses are designed for self-study, so you can start learning at any time. However, some work on a fixed schedule, because they involve the participation of the teacher in the learning process. For some courses you can even get educational loans for an additional fee. View a list of online Harvard courses on site.

UC BerkeleyX

The University of California at Berkeley is one of America’s most respected universities. So, as expected, its online course catalog is one of the most extensive. You will find many online lectures on biology, chemistry, physics, history, health care, political science, sociology and statistics. The platform does not provide an opportunity to take tests or ask a question, but you can view each lecture in HD quality on YouTube. The University of California at Berkeley uses the edX learning platform; its courses can be found at

MIT OpenCourseWare and MITx

You can find video and audio lectures at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare. In addition, anyone can access notes and even free online textbooks. Not every course from MIT offers these materials, but the Course Finder tool makes it easy to sort the course catalog so that you can find the ones that offer the additional materials you need. You can view many of the online courses and lectures from MIT available at In addition, a wide range of courses from this institution (and not only in English) can be found at

Duke University (on Coursera)

Duke University in North Carolina offers a range of interactive free online courses on the Coursera platform. Lectures are offered in various subjects with videos broken into easily digestible videos on YouTube. Online students have the opportunity to communicate with other students and teachers through online bulletin boards and discussion groups, which helps to better understand the material. For Duke free online training offers and to register for classes, visit

UCLA: Free Lecture Webcasts

The University of California at Los Angeles offers many free classes on the platform. YouTube. Courses are organized into playlists, so you can watch lectures at any time convenient for you. Also pay attention to the UCLA Extension School, which periodically offers free (albeit brief) online courses.

Courses from Yale University

Yale University, one of the oldest higher education institutions in the United States, offers a selection of free online courses that cover everything from finance to music. University courses are available at Coursera, YouTube и iTunes through the free Apple iTunes U learning platform.

Courses from Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University currently offers the 21 version of free online courses on the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) platform. You can take courses in the natural sciences, such as biochemistry and modern biology; if this is not for you, then you can begin to prepare for a vacation in Paris by taking elementary French I and II courses. OLI makes it easy to track your progress, and feedback and online tasks give you an idea of ​​how well you are learning. Find free online courses from Carnegie Mellon University at

iTunes U

Yes, this is not a real college. However, if your thirst for knowledge knows no bounds, you should definitely familiarize yourself with Apple's iTunes U app. In it you will find thousands of free courses from educational institutions around the world. iTunes U offers the tools to enter the discussion and ask questions to teachers and students. And since all classes get grades on the 5-star system, you can easily find the best courses in the subjects that interest you most. You can download iTunes U to your iPhone or iPad via Apple App Store.

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