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How an Azerbaijani from love turned out to be in America, he left everything and started from scratch

Every Azerbaijani living abroad has his own story of what prompted him to leave his homeland and go to live in another country. For composer Emin Kerimi, who lives in Los Angeles, this is love. At home, in Baku, he was a famous composer and arranger, a star and author of many hits of Azerbaijani pop stars. In the US, I had to start from scratch


“Since the age of 17 I have periodically visited certain cities and countries,” says Emin in an interview. - Here is my study abroad, and traveling with concerts as part of the RAST group, where I was the second keyboard player. I really enjoyed traveling.

Somehow I remember, in 2011, our group took part in a festive event in Los Angeles, organized by the consulate of Azerbaijan. And when I first got to this city, I fell in love with it. There, of course, there is no beauty that is in Baku with its historical buildings and architecture.

However, the “mix” of heat, palm trees, convertibles, movie stars that you can simply meet on the street or in a Los Angeles cafe did not leave me indifferent. And I promised myself that I would be here more than once.

Several years have passed since we returned from Los Angeles, I worked with Miri Yusif. Assistant Abdul worked with us, who insisted that I start writing music for myself. I wrote the instrumental composition “Iki nəfərlik fəsil”. Later they shot a video for her, but at first she was on YouTube, and quickly began to enjoy success.

I honestly did not expect this. They began to call me and write letters not only from Baku, but also from other countries. Once a girl wrote to me, who began to thank me for this composition, which inspired many nostalgic memories and emotions. We struck up a conversation, and we ... fell in love with each other. The Vicissitudes of Fate - She lived and worked in Los Angeles.

We met in Istanbul, from there flew to Los Angeles. When we were saying goodbye, we both had tears in our eyes. I arrive in Baku, I can not find a place for myself, and in a month I’m flying to her again. And again it is time to part, and again sadness and sadness. And then after a while she arrives in Baku. Arrives so that we fly away together. And we left, got married there. Then they played a wedding in Baku.


That's how I ended up in America because of love. He dropped everything, and started all over again from scratch. The first time was difficult, but we overcome all difficulties together. We have received a work permit, documents, and now citizenship! ”.

There are many opportunities in America

“I will never give up music wherever I live. In principle, apart from this, I can’t do anything else. Besides, in America I have many opportunities, and I want to take advantage of them. Once I took part in an arranger competition for a remix of a DJ composition Zedd and singer Selena. I read the announcement of this competition in the music magazine I wrote out. The winners of the competition got the opportunity to continue working with the DJ Zedd and recording studio Interscope Records. More than 12 thousand people from all over America took part in this competition.

That same evening I wrote my version of the composition, and put it out where required by the competition. And all those three months that there was a competition, she was in the first place.

The participants themselves wrote to me that my version deserves the victory. At the end of the competition, the organizers contacted me, but since I was not a US resident at that time, I was not awarded a victory. It's a shame, of course, but in the end 12 is known to me by thousands of musicians in America.

Now my main goal is to study, I would like to get an education at the local music university - LARecording School".

Los angeles will not trade anything

"I really like this city. It's summer here all year round. There is no winter in our understanding. In the morning you wake up, and around you there is peace, silence, greenery, squirrels jumping. I also put artificial grass, barbecue and hammock on the balcony.

Los Angeles city is very different, about 25 million people live here. We live in a quiet area. After our district, the district goes further. Universal, who gave the name of the famous film company. Next is the famous Hollywood. There are areas where a lot of clubs, discos, in short, madhouse until the morning.

The situation here does not put pressure on you. On the contrary, complete strangers can smile at you and say hello. This is all very invigorating. Sometimes, however, nostalgia for Baku and the whole of Baku is particularly acute. This melancholy feeling as if all inside squeezes.

But no matter how beautiful the country was, with its history, tradition, cuisine, we did not have show business, no, and I think it will not be soon. There are problems here, plus the most positive influence of Iran and Turkey. I learned about eight years at the conservatory, I have the feeling that I can do something more than was possible if I had stayed to work in Azerbaijan.

The advantages of working in America are also in the fact that no matter how famous you are here, you will work with the whole world. It is difficult to get out into the world from Baku, it is hard to get out into the world from Turkey, and being in America is much easier with that.


How America changed me

“I began to smile more, rejoice more. I appreciate what I have now, because tomorrow it may not be. I have family, music, sun over my head - and I am happy. I do not belong to the category of people who, being famous, forget who they are and where they come from. In America, I always and everywhere say that I am Azerbaijani. As a rule, now they already know where it is, and if not, then I always explain.

Having visited my homeland, I noticed that Baku is now changing significantly. Living here, this can not be noticed, but when there are people like me taking breaks, this is very noticeable. Changes in the elementary - being in Los Angeles, I got used to order, got used to cross the road only on a zebra, got used to that cars let me pass unhindered.

I still have these habits, and in Baku I notice that they no longer honk like they used to when someone hesitated on the road. That is, such changes in the culture of behavior and observance of order are already taking place, and this cannot but rejoice. "

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