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Richard Gere's convertible and Ronaldo's T-shirt: what celebrity items were sold at auctions to help Ukraine

To counter Russian aggression, financial support from various sources is extremely important for Ukraine: international organizations, states, private donations and donations. Funds aimed at the needs of the army, humanitarian aid and rehabilitation of victims are also collected through numerous charity auctions. "Word and deed" compiled a list of auctions at which personal belongings of both world and Ukrainian politicians and celebrities were sold in support of Ukraine.

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American actor Richard Gere has put up his 8 Jaguar XK1999 convertible for sale. It sold for more than $31 thousand. All the money went to humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

In addition, Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo sold his T-shirt for 1 million 50 thousand hryvnia (almost $29 thousand) to cover the rehabilitation of military officer Vasily Gritsenko from the Da Vinci Wolves battalion.

And 600 thousand hryvnia ($16), which they received from the sale of the personalized pen of US President Joe Biden at an auction, went to meet the needs of the Magura brigade. The pen for the auction was provided by the then general director of Ukroboronprom Yuriy Gusev - he received it as a gift from Biden during his visit to Ukraine as vice president in 500.

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Ukrainian celebrities also sold their items to help the country.

Ukrainian singer Andrey Danilko put up the car of Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury, a 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, at a London auction at RM Sotheby's. Mercury bought the Rolls-Royce in 1979 and owned it until his death in 1991.

The car was owned by Danilko for about ten years and was stored in London. It was sold for 250 thousand pounds ($317 thousand), the money was donated to the Superhumans rehabilitation center.

At an auction in London, which took place as part of the Brave Ukraine charity evening, a fleece jacket of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was sold in 2022. In this jacket he recorded the first video messages at the beginning of a full-scale war. She managed to earn 90 thousand pounds sterling ($114 thousand), which was sent for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

In the same year, another item of Zelensky’s clothing was sold at a charity auction in Washington – an embroidered shirt, which he wore for the May 19 holiday. It was sold for $100 thousand, which was sent to NBU accounts for the purchase of weapons, medical equipment or humanitarian aid.

Another Ukrainian politician, the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko, sacrificed his personal property for the sake of Ukraine. The bicycle from which Klitschko fell in the city center in 350 was sold at auction for 9600 thousand hryvnia ($2016). Funds from that auction were used to purchase drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In July, volunteer Sergei Pritula sold at auction a truly iconic item from the office of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Budanov - a map with the divided territory of Russia. The starting price of the lot was 400 thousand hryvnia ($11), but it was sold for 000 million ($14 thousand). The funds were used for the purchase of five EOS C VTOL unmanned systems for the air assault units of the main control group.

Ukrainian singer Jamala sold her piano at auction. The proceeds of 400 thousand hryvnia ($11) were donated to the needs of the 000th Naval Aviation Brigade named after. Igor Bedzai.

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The Kalush Orchestra group sold at auction its main trophy - the Eurovision 2022 Cup in the form of a glass microphone. The cup was bought for $900 thousand, which was used to purchase drones for the army.

In addition, the band's frontman Oleg Psyuk sold his legendary pink Panama hat, which he wore at the competition, at auction for $300 thousand.

Olympic fencing champion Olga Kharlan auctioned a personalized Barbie doll on eBay to raise funds for a military rehabilitation clinic. The doll was sold for $10,4 thousand.

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