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JustAnswer: How to make thousands of dollars by giving advice to strangers

How can you quit your office job and earn six figures with your knowledge? And where can you take such a not entirely easy, but very interesting path?

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In 2012, Nora Curl, now 51, had been living in New York for about a decade and working in the antiques world, writes NBC Los Angeles.

But she realized she needed to return to her native Pennsylvania to care for her mother, who suffers from a rare congenital disease.

“When I moved back to northwestern Pennsylvania, I thought, How am I going to make a living in the antiques world?” - Nora recalls.

She started an antiques appraising website and sold items on eBay. In September 2012, Nora saw a vacancy on the Jobrapido website for an antiques appraiser working from home online.

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Without hesitation, she immediately applied and a few weeks later received an email saying she had been approved as a new antiques expert on the advice site JustAnswer.

It features experts on a variety of topics, including lawyers, electricians and veterinarians. Users pay a registration fee plus a monthly fee and get access to all the experts on the site. They can ask a question at any time of the day and get an answer on the JustAnswer website or talk to an expert over the phone.

Curl has been working full-time for the site since 2012 and earned more than $124 last year alone.

How JustAnswer works

Users get 12/000 access to XNUMX+ vetted experts, including doctors, lawyers, technical support specialists, mechanics, veterinarians, home remodelers and more.

After you ask a question, the service will connect you with an expert who specializes in your situation. Chat, write, chat - depending on what you like best, even send documents and photos for review.

You can be either a participant or an expert. So this is not just a way to make money, but also to save money.

All experts must undergo a strict 8-step process to verify the quality of expert services, including license and diploma, as well as expert tests and performance evaluation.

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If you are just a member, you will receive a quick response within a few minutes, without having to travel across town and waste time in the waiting room.

In addition, the platform has fixed rates, so you immediately know how much you will earn or spend.

Here you will always find the right specialist, even for the most delicate issues.

JustAnswer website - by link.

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