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JobEasy: courses testers, for which you can not pay before going to work

Online School every month on the 14th, it recruits students for the course of software testers - Quality Assurance (QA). The school has a non-standard approach: you can pay for training in JobEasy after graduates have already got a job. If the graduate is not employed in QA, then there is no need to pay for the entire course (only $ 499 for registration after the third free lesson).

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The company provides such an opportunity, as it is confident in its methodology and the success of students. Usually a deferred payment (“deferred tuition until you get a job”) is offered only by those schools that have no doubt that the majority of their students will come to work. For example, a long-time player like General Assembly also offers a similar option for some of its programs, and a startup Lambda School, which received more than 50 million dollars of investments, completely builds its business on this model.

The knowledge gained will allow the newly-minted testers to quickly reach a salary of $ 35-50 per hour (70-100 thousand dollars a year), so it will be easy to pay for the training in the end. WITHStudents pay only $ 499 dollars in registration fee after the third free lesson, and the rest for a year, and only if they go to work at QA. In comparison, QA schools often charge up to $ 5 right from the start. Aspiring students can continue to develop in QA - so, having mastered Test Automation, you can already go to a salary of more than $ 000.

Testimonials of online school graduates

Here are six more reasons to study Quality Assurance (QA) at school. JobEasy:

1. Intensive training. Students are awaiting 50 hours of classes that they will complete in 4 weeks. During the classes, the main focus is on the practical skills required for work and interviews. Graduates after the end of the course are fully ready to go to work.

2. Convenient online training live with teachers - no matter what state you are from. Teaching in the evenings 5 ​​days a week, Sunday-Thursday 18: 30-20: 30 Pacific / 21: 30-23: 30 Eastern Time.

3. The first 3 classes (6 hours) are completely you can see if your QA career is right for you. After the third lesson, you must pay a registration fee of $ 499, all the rest - within a year from the time you go to work at QA. Those who are confident in their abilities can simply pay $ 2 999 in the first 2 weeks of study and have nothing to pay after going to work.

4. Help with resume. In the US, when looking for a job, it is important not only to have knowledge in the right field, but also to be able to “sell”. Therefore, resume writing is an essential step in job search. School specialists JobEasy make all their graduates high-quality resumes and place them on employment sites with the right keywords. Thanks to this, resumes will appear in the top search results for recruiters and applicants will receive a lot of calls.

5. Practice (internship). Immediately go to a high level of salary for graduates will allow practice in companies and references that will help with employment. Students enter the labor market not as novices (junior), but as mid-level specialists with an excellent base.

6. Individual approach. Graduates JobEasy receive personal support before they go to work, even after the courses, because JobEasy is financially interested in their early employment.

Testimonials of online school graduates

All teachers are QA specialists / managers and they hire people themselves.

During the selection course, you must first pass a small interview. Requirements:

- sufficient level of English (training is conducted in English);

- permission to work in the United States;

- an adequate approach to job search.

The school has been operating since April 2019, but has already gained popularity and a good reputation. Many students have already received offers for a good salary, up to $ 95 000 per year and $ 50 per hour. JobEasy graduates are called at Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, SalesForce and other leading technology companies.

The company's founders are specialists in the IT industry:

Ivan TsybaevThe CEO is a serial entrepreneur who made with his team the most popular trucker app in the US, Trucker Path (used by about 80% of truckers in the US) and has received over $ 20 million in investment during his entrepreneurial career.

Max Glubochansky, Head of Business, has 6 years of experience in QA, worked for Apple, Intel and others.

Max: “I myself mastered this profession from scratch, but I did a lot wrong, which greatly slowed down my progress in my QA career at the time. Now I am glad that I can give people an easy and quick way to decent earnings (70-100 thousand per year can be received in a couple of months after our intensive course), as well as save from many mistakes that I myself made in my career. I personally would have been ready to give a lot of money for such a course when I started it myself, but this is the beauty that our course can be paid for after starting work ”.

Max Glubochansky. Photos from the personal archive

In this video, Max talks in detail about a career in QA and a course of study, explaining how you can get a salary of up to 3 100 $ per year in 000 a month

Course instructors:

Max Glubochansky - over 6 years of experience in QA with Apple, Intel and other companies in Silicon Valley;

Natalia Atif - QA leader with more than 9 years of experience in Intel, Apple and other giants of the IT industry;

Gennady Darer - Director of QA with 20 years of experience at PayPal and other companies in Silicon Valley;

Lana Levinson - 6 years of experience in all areas of manual and automated testing.

In September, it is planned to launch other courses on the model “pay for training only if you go to work in IT” on Test Automation, Project Management, Software Development.

Sign up for a course, see alumni reviews and get more information at Online.

The next QA course starts on August 14. Courses take place every month from the 14 number.

The first 3 lesson is completely free.

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