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Famous futurist Fukuyama predicted the possible collapse of Russia and the re-election of Trump

Russia can disintegrate under certain conditions, and this process has probably already begun. American philosopher and political scientist Francis Fukuyama said this in interview with Dmitry Gordon.

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According to Fukuyama, such states, while outwardly appearing powerful, are in fact very fragile.

“Russia has many weak points, and a turning point can occur if there is a turning point in the center. The regions of Russia will move in different directions and face serious external challenges,” said the philosopher.

Fukuyama believes that the Russian Federation and China are not true friends. In his opinion, Beijing claims part of Russian territory.

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“All this could happen at some point in the future if the center of Russian power is discredited. And this process seems to have already begun,” Fukuyama said.

Answering a question about whether the story of Russian President Vladimir Putin is close to the end, Fukuyama noted that the collapse of the Russian leader cannot be predicted with certainty, however, in his opinion, his management system is “extremely weak.”

“He has undermined his power, so I don’t expect Putinism to survive,” Fukuyama explained. “And it certainly won’t survive the death of Putin himself.”

War in Ukraine

The philosopher believes that “Ukraine can break through Russian defenses in the southern part of Ukraine.”

“This is very important and will happen sooner rather than later,” he stressed. “Once this happens and once Crimea is either liberated or encircled, then the path to a political settlement will open.”

"A disaster for democracy around the world"

Fukuyama also did not ignore the topic of the US elections.

“Donald Trump is not finished yet. And I think there is a good chance that he will be re-elected. In this case it will be a disaster. This will be a disaster for Ukraine and for the United States. This will be a disaster for democracy throughout the world,” Fukuyama said.

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“There are many potential successors to Joe Biden among Democrats. The problem is that there is no one person who has a better chance than the rest,” the futurist continued. “And that’s one of the reasons why Joe Biden doesn’t want to resign and make way for some younger Democrat.”

According to Fukuyama, Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama most likely will not run for US President.

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