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Israelis find out how knowledge of school subjects affects salaries in the future

Of all the subjects studied by Israeli schoolchildren, only two subjects have a real impact on future salaries - mathematics and, to a lesser extent, English, according to a study by the Shoresh Institute for Socio-Economic Research in Israel.

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The study was conducted by Professors Dan Ben-David and Eyal Kimhi, who examined data on salaries of employees aged 35-42 years from 2012 to 2016 and data on their education.

On average, studying mathematics by 5 matriculation units increases future salaries by 16% in the center of the country and by 12% in the periphery, and studying English by 5 units of maturity certificate increases the future salary by 5% in the center of the country and by 1% at the periphery. Extended study of other subjects affects the salary at less than 1%.

According to the study, workers who taught mathematics by 3 matriculation units earn, on average, 27% more than those who learned math in less or not at all. Those who taught mathematics by 4 maturity units earn 62% more than those who taught mathematics by less than 3 units, and those who taught mathematics by 5 matriculation units earn 2,15 times more.

At the same time, an in-depth analysis showed that salary is influenced not only by the volume of mathematics study, but also by the final grade. The proportion of those who taught mathematics for 3, 4 and 5 units of the certificate of maturity in the center of the country and in the periphery is almost identical. But the final score is noticeably higher in the center of the country (43% of those who studied mathematics by 5 units with a score above 90 in the center of the country versus 33% in the periphery, and the same gap among those who studied mathematics by 4 units).

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The study showed that even among those who received a high score with the same amount of study of mathematics, wages in the periphery are lower than in the center, but the gap between them in this case is significantly lower.

The average salary of those who studied mathematics for 1-2 units in Israel is 6,6 thousand shekels (1940 dollars), for 3 units - 8,4 thousand shekels (2470 dollars), for 4 units - 10,7 thousand shekels (3146 dollars), 5 units - 14,3 thousand shekels (4205 dollars).

The average salary of a person who studied mathematics for 5 units and passed an exam with more than 90 points in the center of the country - 16,1 thousand shekels ($ 4734), who passed the same exam with less than 60 points on the periphery - 11,6 thousand shekels (3410 dollars ). At the same time, the salary of a person who studied mathematics for 4 units and passed the exam for more than 90 points in the center of the country is 11,5 thousand shekels (3381 dollars).

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