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Israeli doctors have found a way to save patients with COVID-19 in critical condition

Israeli doctors were the first in the world to test an innovative method of treating patients with COVID-19 using a drug based on cells taken from healthy people. It neutralizes the attack of the patient's own immune system on his inflamed body. This attack, called a cytoctine storm, is often the cause of death in COVID-19. This is the first such trial on patients.

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On September 30, a fifth of five critically ill patients were discharged after receiving an innovative treatment in the first clinical trial of its kind.

The experimental method of treatment was applied to five critically ill patients, two of whom were in critical condition. The trials took place at the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, whose employees, together with the biotechnology company Analybex Therapeutics, have developed a drug that can even put on their feet those patients who, according to doctors, no longer had a chance to survive.

The drug called Alostra was developed based on the research of Professor Dror Mevrurah. Previously, the drug was successfully tested on ten patients with sepsis.

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“Alostra is indicated for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions in which there is an increased activity of the immune system, which leads to an increase in the secretion of proteins by cells of the immune system, called cytokines, and causes a cytokine storm,” explained Professor Mevurah. "It works by treating cells taken from a healthy donor and induced in the laboratory so that when injected into a patient's body, they contain inflammation or a cytokine storm, which is very harmful to the patient."

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