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Too expensive: the most disadvantageous days for flights in 2020

Edition Fox News investigated when in 2020 it is possible to save on flights, and when it is better to stay at home.

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Before moving on to certain seasons and dates, we recall that you can usually save throughout the year if you are diligent in comparing rates and finding the best deals.

Days you should not fly


  • February 14-17: air tickets these days will be slightly more expensive than in the coming dates, due to Valentine's Day, February 14, as well as long weekends (at least for some) before President's Day, between February 15 and 17.
  • February 29: the last day of February or so is the end time of the cheapest winter fares: ticket prices are starting to rise.

The cheapest time for flights in January and February: on all other days there will be better fares, but on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be the most profitable.

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March April May

  • Friday and Sunday: starting in March, these popular flight days are becoming more expensive; thrifty travelers are better off flying on Saturdays.
  • March 26 and May 14: this only applies to flights to Europe, watch for price increases.

The cheapest time to fly is in March, April and May: flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally cheaper.

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June July August September

  • June 4 (and beyond): this is the first significant increase in prices for summer tariffs; if possible, complete your trips by June 3rd.
  • From June 22 to August 24: from the end of June to the third week of August, peak prices for summer tickets. Hit the road before or after - and save.
  • July 15 and August 11: this applies to flights to Europe, their prices fall July 15 and August 11.

The cheapest time to fly in June, July, August, September: September, as a rule, boasts good prices for flights to the USA and Europe. For tariffs to Europe, prices fall most noticeably by July 15, and then by August 11.

In winter, flying is the cheapest, then in the fall and spring. Summer, especially July, is generally the most expensive time to fly. But even in the summer you can reduce the cost of the flight by buying tickets on unpopular days (midweek and Saturday) and unpopular routes (connecting flights are sometimes much cheaper).

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