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Due to medical error, a couple from New Jersey had a daughter of a different race

An American woman from New Jersey and her husband - both Caucasoid white people - unexpectedly had an Asian girl. The couple filed a lawsuit against the clinic where the woman underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF), after it turned out that doctors mistakenly used the sperm of another man when conceiving a child.

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Kristina Kodderich and Drew Wassilewski were shocked by the birth of a child of a different race. In two separate lawsuits, a man and a woman claim that the situation led them to divorce, writes Metro. Now the clinic in New Jersey will have to show them a list of sperm donors. Parents of the child insisted on this after their daughter developed a blood disease characteristic of immigrants from Southeast Asia.

In an affidavit, Drew, who is actually the child's adoptive father, said he felt “devastated” after the news of paternity, and the girl's mother, Christina, admitted that they both burst into tears.

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The "nightmarish scenario" made itself felt after the couple spent about $ 500 at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Science in St. Barnabas (IRMS) to get a baby.

“Despite the fact that they love her, they had the right to give birth to a child with the genes of both parents. What happened to his father's sperm he donated? Now Drew wants to know if he is the biological father of another child, ”said attorney David Mazi, representing the couple.

He added: “This little girl has the right to know her genetic history. She has the right to know if her biological parents had any medical problems. ”

The judge demanded that the clinic give the affected couple a list of men and women who used the clinic at about the same time as Christina and Drew. The judge ruled that their data would not be fully disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the law, but the name and address of the man whose semen was used in Christina's IVF procedure should be announced as is.

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The clinic was also ordered to reveal the names of those who worked on fertilization while the biological materials were confused - in particular, who controlled the accused laboratory assistant Melissa Bell using a semen sample.

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