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Because of Apple's mistake, angry people constantly come to the house of a man in Virginia and demand to give them the iPhone

A homeowner in Richmond, Virginia, said that dozens of people constantly come to him and accuse him of stealing something from them. And all because of a bug in the Find My iPhone app. Writes about it ABC13.

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Scott Shuster, who has lived in his home since 2018, said this has been happening every few months for the past years.

“I lost my phone and clicked Find My iPhone, and it says that it is at this address,” one of the visitors explained.

Most of the people who show up are visibly upset or disappointed. One of them, filmed on a doorbell camera, even threatened to call the police.

“The cops are on their way, so you can talk to me before they come here,” said another.

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Shuster isn't sure why the Find My iPhone app is pinging his address. Scott is a software engineer, he has his theories, but he can't know for sure. The man is adamant that this is a huge mistake and fears it could become dangerous. According to him, he is terribly upset that people show up at his door, because he has two small children, 7 and 9 years old, and he is worried for their safety.

“There are a lot of irrational people if they're angry, drunk, had a rough night, lost their phone and thought it was stolen,” Schuster said. “That’s what worries me the most, because someone could come into the house with a gun.”

Schuster shared proof that he contacted Apple support many times, back in 2022. He called them, wrote and submitted a formal request, which is listed as closed. According to him, the problem was never solved, and another person came to him just a few days ago.

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Shuster said his neighbors like to tease him about being the local iPhone thief and try to bring some humor into the situation.

“I work from home. I have small children so I want this to be fixed so the kids can sleep peacefully at night. My daughter didn’t sleep well when we had the incident at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, she just couldn’t sleep,” he concluded.

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