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Due to the invasion of bedbugs at the airport in Hawaii closed several gates

Hawaii's largest airport, Daniel Inouye International Airport, was visited by several intruders. They called for the gate to close and a thorough cleaning, and it turned out to be bed bugs. The edition told in more detail USA Today.

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On May 29, the Department of Transportation (DOT) received reports of pests at Gates E of Terminal 2. DOT personnel arrived to clean up the area and remove anything that might have attracted insects that day.

The next day, a Southwest Airlines manager turned in bed bug samples to DOT, which were confirmed to be bed bugs. DOT staff returned for a thorough cleaning, including removing the carpet and applying a non-toxic pest control spray.

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As a result of the incident, three gates were closed and remained closed until the evening of May 31 for additional cleaning by a pest control company.

The agency said additional cleaning measures will be implemented over the next three weeks, so travelers may experience intermittent gate closures.

The incident did not affect any of the flights.

According to Southwest, Southwest Airlines' day-to-day operations include programmatic cleaning of leased premises and equipment. The airline does not expect the additional cleaning to cause any disruption to its flights in the future.

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Previously, there have already been cases of infection at airports with these blood-sucking insects. In 2018, they were found in easy chairs in a seating area at Kansas City International Airport.

Bed bugs are difficult to spot and can move through the seams of luggage, bedding, and clothing.

More than 73 passengers arrive at Daniel Inouye International Airport daily, according to the agency.

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