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Due to coronavirus, Delta ceases service at 10 US airports: list

Travelers accustomed to using Delta Air Lines will now have fewer options to fly from an airport of their choice - the company said it is ending service at 10 US airports. Writes about it USA Today.

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On May 29, Delta representatives announced they were shutting down at 10 US airports serving cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, as part of a previously announced 85% reduction in overall service schedules.

Airports that will no longer be serviced are “relatively close” to other, larger airports that travelers can use as an alternative, the airline said.

In New York, the Delta service at Westchester County Airport will end, but passengers can still head to LaGuardia. Flights stop at Stewart International, and JFK remains the closest major airport to it.

Delta customers can no longer use Hollywood Burbank Airport and Long Beach in Southern California, but flights to Los Angeles International will continue. There will be no flights to Chicago Midway, but they will continue at Chicago O'Hare Airport.

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The changes take effect June 3 and will remain in effect until September, the airline said, adding that the cut is an attempt to reduce employees' possible exposure to the coronavirus.

“By consolidating operations with low customer flow, we can allow more of our people to stay at home in line with local health guidelines,” said Senior Vice President Sandy Gordon.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the fact that the travel business in the United States and the world has practically stopped, which has a very noticeable impact on air traffic. Earlier, Nicholas Calio, CEO of Airlines for America, the most prominent lobbying group in the aviation industry, told the Senate committee that the average domestic flight now carries 17 passengers and only 29 international travelers.

During the pandemic, Delta announced the reduction of domestic flights by 80% and international flights by 90%. The airline canceled fees for changes until September 30, 2022 for customers whose flights were booked until April 17 and canceled before September of this year.

Other airports where Delta will no longer operate include TF Green International and Manchester-Boston Regional, while the neighboring Logan International in Boston will still be served. The company will no longer serve Oakland; San Francisco International is offered as an alternative to passengers.

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In addition to these airports, Delta will no longer fly to Newport News / Williamsburg International, located near Norfolk International in Virginia, where flights will continue; and Akron-Canton Airport, although travelers can still head to Cleveland Hopkins in Ohio.

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