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Due to climate change, summer in the future could last six months

Due to climate change, summer is getting longer and winter, spring and autumn are shorter. Scientists predict that by 2100 the length of summer in the Northern Hemisphere can reach up to 6 months, the rest of the time - other seasons, writes "Voice of America".

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These results of a new study were recently published in the American scientific journal Geophysical Research and Letters by eight scientists from China. They analyzed the changes in climate from 1952 to 2011 and found that over those nearly 60 years, the average length of summer increased by 17 days (from 78 to 95 days), while winter, autumn and spring decreased by several days.

“This is the biological clock of every living being. People are now arguing about the increase in the average air temperature by 2-3 degrees. However, the fact that global warming changes the seasons is something that everyone can understand, ”said chief scientist Yuping Guan, a physicist-oceanologist at the State Laboratory of Tropical Oceanography at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in an interview with the American media.

According to him, if the seasons change, some of the consequences could be negative for people and nature. In particular, people with seasonal allergies will suffer from pollen for a long time, and mosquitoes that like warm environments will also increase. This, in turn, can lead to the emergence of viruses in new environments that are not typical for them, such as malaria and others.

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Plants and animals will be forced to adapt to changes in nature. Scientists predict that governments will change regulations on disaster prevention, health care and agricultural management.

“If nothing changes, by the end of the century, spring and summer will begin a month earlier than they did in 2011, and autumn and winter will begin half a month later. This will lead to almost six months of summer and less than two months of winter in 2100, ”the researchers wrote in the article.

According to scientists, these trends will continue in nature until the amount of greenhouse gas emissions decreases in the world.

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