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Passenger feces fell out of the plane on the move: miraculously, they did not kill anyone

Residents of a provincial town in Britain were shocked when an ice block fell onto the street from an airplane in the evening, inside of which frozen feces were found. Writes about it Portsmouth.

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At 22:30 pm on Monday, June 8th, all the neighbors came running when they heard an incredible rumble. They saw a large block of ice fall onto the sidewalk.

Local resident Louise Brown said: “We were just going to bed and thought that someone was throwing gravel at our window. There was a whistle, and it was like a thud where it hit the ground. We thought it was gravel, but ice hit the window. "

“I would say that the block was about half a square meter. My husband says it must be from an airplane - it just fell out of the sky, out of nowhere, ”said Louise.

The sky over the city was clear and the ground temperature reached 14 ° C.

Residents are convinced that the ice fell out of the plane's toilet, as there was an unpleasant surprise inside.

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Louise's neighbor, Lisa Boyd, said: “This morning, when the ice melted, there was feces on the path.

“I collected them because they were right in the middle of the footpath,” she explained.

Lisa emphasized that such a “surprise” could cause incredible injury.

Louise remarked: “The ice fell about 2 feet (0,6 m) from the car.

“They were lucky: if a lump had fallen on the hood, it would have crushed the car,” said one of the neighbors.

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According to the Civil Aviation Authority, all toilet waste is stored on planes and collected after landing in special vehicles in preparation for the next flight.

If the ice is clear, this could be due to a leak from the water system at an external service point.

A spokesman for the agency said: “Ice falls from aircraft are considered rare in UK airspace and may be the result of meteorological events. We receive about 10 icefall reports a year. And although we cannot investigate the origin of the icefalls, we record reports of this kind. "

Yes, the agency records suspected icefalls, but it says it cannot investigate their potential origins for specific flights.

The agency is not responsible for damage that may be caused by falling ice.

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