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From New York and Florida you can fly business class to Bermuda for only $199

BermudAir, a new business class airline, will fly from Boston, New York and Fort Lauderdale to Bermuda this fall. Tickets are only $199. Travel Leisure.

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The airline operates exclusively in business class.

BermudAir, launched on August 24, will operate direct flights from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and New York County Westchester Airport (HPN) to Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport (B.D.A.). Flights to Boston and New York will begin on August 31, and to Fort Lauderdale on September 2.

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Fares start at $199 including taxes.

Passengers will fly on E175 aircraft with just 30 seats. This will provide unparalleled privacy and a spacious workspace, with just two spacious seats facing each other in each row.

BermudAir will offer premium food and beverages on board, including a full bar serving the famous Bermuda Dark 'n' Stormies and Rum Swizzle. In addition, menu items will be changed quarterly to keep the experience fresh.

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Travelers will be able to take advantage of the under-seat compartment for carry-on luggage and personal belongings, power outlets on the seat, as well as free Wi-Fi. Designed without the need for overhead racks, the Aisle-class cabin offers a bright and airy ambience, allowing for easy and quick entry and exit.

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“We are thrilled to welcome BermudAir as Bermuda's first carrier as they work to set a new standard for travel,” said Bermuda's head of transport, Wayne Ferbert. “This partnership represents an exciting milestone for the islands. It improves transport links and strengthens our position as a leading destination. With BermudAir's commitment to convenient connections, we expect significant growth in our travel market."

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