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What is the wealth of Kushner

Before becoming the husband of Ivanka Trump and senior adviser to the President of the United States, Jared Kushner was one of the richest New York clans. Now the Kushners have become the most influential, writes Forbes.
The total state of the Kushner family, according to Forbes, is $ 1,8 billion, of which the most significant part - $ 1,15 billion - is in real estate. Kushner owns 1,2 million square meters of residential, commercial and retail real estate in 6 states. They also have large stakes in real estate development projects in Manhattan, where Donald Trump raised the capital of his family when he was a developer.

Below are the most famous objects from the Kushner portfolio with an estimate of their market value.

Object: business center 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan

Estimation of the share of Kushner: $ 360 million

Object: historic office and residential complex Puck building in Lower Manhattan

Estimation of the share of Kushner: $ 200 million

Object: complex of two buildings 80-90 Maiden lane in the financial quarter of Manhattan

Estimation of the share of Kushner: $ 75 million

An object: building AT&T in chicago

Estimation of the share of Kushner: $ 49 million

The firm of the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump Jared Kushner designed the project of a skyscraper in New York. The building should replace the 1960's construction, located at: Fifth Avenue, 666. The new skyscraper, according to the project, will be on 40 floors above the existing building - its height will be 427 meters. The complex plans to accommodate offices, residential apartments and a hotel.

Construction is estimated at $ 12 billion.

Other assets

In 2006, Jared Kushner purchased a newspaper for $ 10 million New york observer - now it exists only in the Internet version (its market value is estimated at the same amount as at the time of purchase). This was preceded by the arrest of his father Charles Kushner for tax evasion, electoral fraud and the bribery of witnesses).

Jared's younger brother - Joshua Kushner - co-founded the insurance company in 2012 year Oscar in the expectation of making money on health care reform. His share in this business is now estimated at $ 240 million. Ironically, one of the points of Donald Trump’s electoral program is to give up ObamaCare.

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In the U.S. real estate Tramp wealth Kouchner
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